Zesty New Cheez-It Flavor Has Fans Ready to Clear Shelves

A new flavor of Cheez-It is set to hit store shelves this summer, and fans are already planning to sell it out.

The limited-edition variety is a part of the cracker brand's collaboration with the makers of Hidden Valley Ranch, which previously saw the release of a Cheez-It-inspired ranch dressing.

Now, the zesty collection is expanding to the snack aisle with a flavor that makes so much sense that we can't believe it's never existed before: Cheez-It x Hidden Valley Ranch crackers.

According to an official description in a press release, "Each bite delivers the ultimate salty and savory combination that the most absurdly obsessed cheese and ranch lovers will crave and love."

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The Cheez-It® x Hidden Valley® Ranch collab expands to the snack aisle with its zesty new cracker flavor.<p>Cheez-It/PR Newswire</p>
The Cheez-It® x Hidden Valley® Ranch collab expands to the snack aisle with its zesty new cracker flavor.

Cheez-It/PR Newswire

"We've seen fans mixing up their own blend of ranch seasoning-dusted Cheez-It crackers on social media, so we knew creating the perfect blend of cheezy and zesty flavors together was essential to satisfying their cravings," said senior brand director for Cheez-It, Cara Tragseiler, in a statement.

Tragseiler and the rest of the Cheez-It flavor R&D team are clearly onto something here, as Instagram users can barely contain their excitement.

"I’m going to need like 10 boxes," one insisted.

"Anything with ranch, I’m in!" another exclaimed.

"I’m down," a third admitted, adding, "but especially if they make a spicy ranch."

Headed to retailers nationwide this July, fans who can't wait to get their hands on a box–or a few–can try their best at securing one of the daily limited drops made from June 25 through July 1 on shop.cheezit.com (use code ILOVERANCHCHEEZIT for free two-day shipping).

Cheez-It's work with the fan-favorite salad dressing is just one of the many unique partnerships it's successfully launched this year. Among them is another collaboration with a brand with a cult following, as Taco Bell now serves giant Cheez-Its with certain menu items.

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