Zendaya reacts to meme about how all “Spider-Man” actresses have gone on to play tennis stars

Call it a grand slam.

As it turns out, Kirsten Dunst, Emma Stone, and Zendaya’s connection goes deeper than just the Spider-Man films. 

While visiting Good Morning America on Wednesday, Zendaya was asked to weigh in on the viral meme that highlights how all three actresses have gone on to star as tennis players after their respective Spider-Man stints. 

“What’s the pipeline?” Robin Roberts asked, to which Zendaya simply responded, “I don’t know. We were joking [and] I was like, ‘Maybe it’s some prophecy I need to fulfill.’”

<p>MGM /Courtesy Everett </p> Zendaya

MGM /Courtesy Everett


Still, the actress can’t deny that it is a bit serendipitous. “It’s quite funny, isn’t that? I don’t know,” she remarked. “I guess it worked out for all of them ... so!”

Following the success of Spider-Man and its 2004 sequel, Dunst became the first of the famed webslinger's love interests to hit the tennis court when she starred as hardworking tennis star Lizzie Bradbury in the 2004 rom-com Wimbledon opposite the future Vision himself, Paul Bettany. She later reprised her role as Mary Jane Watson in the third Spider-Man film in 2007.

Stone, who played Gwen Stacy in the Amazing Spider-Man films alongside Andrew Garfield, similarly found herself picking up a racket over a decade later to portray real-life tennis pro Billie Jean King in 2017’s Battle of the Sexes.

Zendaya is now set to star as a former-tennis-phenom-turned-coach caught in a caustic love triangle in her upcoming film Challengers, finally completing the "Spider-Man-heroine-to-tennis-pro" pipeline once and for all. 

Watch Zendaya react to the meme in the clip above.

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