You've Been Making Pancakes All Wrong

Turns out, there's no flipping required.

Meredith Food Studios
Meredith Food Studios

Another day, another mind-blowingly simple cooking hack from TikTok. While we adults often think we know exactly what we're doing in the kitchen, social media tends to prove us wrong by providing a certifiably easier alternative to our favorite dishes. In this case, that task is making pancakes.

Since you’ve learned to cook and eat pancakes, they’ve been very likely served in a perfectly circular form (Or, in many childhood cases, in the form of Mickey Mouse’s famous figurehead). With pancakes being such a go-to breakfast food, there’s an abundance of tips on how to make the best pancakes from scratch or achieve extra-fluffy pancakes.

But, what if there was a trouble-free way to still satisfy that morning pancake craving without the hassle of making sure it's perfectly crispy on the outer corners and soft yet tenderly golden brown in the middle? Instead of trying to attain an aesthetically pleasing round pancake, you may want to try scrambling them.

Why You Should Start Scrambling Your Pancakes

We know what you’re thinking: Scrambling is for eggs. And while yes, scrambled eggs are an essential part of breakfast meals, the cooking method doesn’t solely apply to them. This TikTok kitchen hack uses a silicone rubber spatula to mix up the batter when it hits the pan, separating it into little bits versus full circles.

Whether you're stirring up Bisquick or a homemade pancake recipe, moving the batter around forces it to set up quickly and allows for a stress-free cooking process. Like the usual circular pancake, this technique ensures that the tidbits are cooked all the way through with a slightly golden brown color. You can then place the scrambled pancakes from the pan onto a plate and sprinkle on your favorite pancake toppings. The TikToker opted for powdered sugar, blueberries, whipped cream, maple syrup. Funnily, this isn’t the first time social media has scrambled a popular breakfast food—just take a look at this scrambled oats recipe trend.

While this trick is getting a lot of attention right now, scrambled pancakes are actually a classic Austrian dish called kaiserschmarrn. They're a popular coffeehouse snack sometimes referred to as "torn pancakes."

My Honest Review of Scrambled Pancakes

<p>Olivia Bria</p>

Olivia Bria

I tried the scrambled pancake method out for myself, topping them with strawberries, powdered sugar, mini chocolate chips, and, of course, maple syrup. Depending on the cooking time of your stove and how much batter you pour into the pan, I can’t say this TikTok hack is a huge time saver. The pancakes are done approximately 30 seconds to a minute earlier than a circular pancake would be ready, because you don’t have to wait as long for the middle to cook through.

I like my pancakes to be soft and fluffy, so I really enjoyed the overall taste and texture of the scrambled version—especially since there is much more opportunity for the toppings to coat the entirety of the pancake tidbits, versus just the top of a circular one. Note that the outside crunch you achieve with round pancakes will likely be missed in scrambled pancakes. Personally, I didn’t mind that because my favorite part of the pancake is the middle.

As a whole, I can attest that if you’re looking for a mess-free, fool-proof, and simple way to start your mornings, then scrambled pancakes are for you (and I think kids would love them!). Plus, it’s a fun new way to shake up your designated pancake Sundays. Literally.

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