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'You shouldn't be disgusted when you take a shower': This No. 1 bestselling selling liner is down to $10

Backed by 178,000+ five-star ratings, it's made of eco-friendly material to keep your space fresh and mildew-free.

Showers are such a regular part of life that it's easy to forget about the accouterments of our lather-up, rinse-down routine. When it comes to our shower curtain liner, more often than not, we don't think to change it until it's painfully obvious — like a mildew-y smell or the emergence of a gross brown-gray-green film. That's when you need to bring in the LiBa PEVA 8G Bathroom Shower Curtain Liner — and it's on sale for just $10.

Made of eco-friendly PEVA material, this liner is designed to resist mold and mildew. Metal grommets and a trio of magnets ensure that it'll install quickly, slide like a breeze and stay put when you need it to.

$10 at Amazon

Amazon has slashed the price of this stalwart gunk shield down to the lowest price we've seen in the last year. Plus, $10 isn't bad for a squeaky clean shower.

This 72-by-72-inch liner is large enough to accommodate just about any shower setup, and its magnetized base ensures that it stays snug against the side of most tubs. It's made of environmentally agreeable PEVA with no chlorine or PVC, which means your nose won't be assaulted with plastic-y odors when you take it out of the package.

It is, of course, waterproof and formulated to foster bead formation and quick H2O roll-off (less lingering water equals less mildew). A reinforced header and metal grommets help it slide smoothly across the shower rod and stay secure.

LiBa Waterproof Plastic Shower Curtain
Your shower is where you get clean, so your liner should follow suit. (Amazon)

With all that going for it, it's no wonder that more than 178,000 Amazon reviewers have bestowed a five-star rating on this curtain.

"You shouldn't be disgusted when you take a shower," one happy shopper wrote, adding: "I allowed my previous shower curtain to accumulate mildew and soap film until it was physically revolting to take a shower ... A few weeks back, I purchased this item and enthusiastically hung it in my tub ... after several weeks, the LiBa is just as clear, clean and fresh as the day it was hung."

"The shower curtain is the perfect thickness to stop water splashing all over your bathroom," shared a five-star fan. "Keeps your decorative shower curtain clean and dry. Highly recommend. [I've] had it for about a month now and no sign of mildew or mold."

"Was pleasantly surprised by the quality, weight, size and aesthetics," said another reviewer. "It's opaque enough for privacy yet lets light in too. Lovely."

A few shoppers say they wish this shower curtain liner had more magnets or weights in the bottom to keep it in place.

"This is my second time purchasing this item, I just wish they would put more weight to it," said one repeat buyer. "There is only one small weight at the bottom of each end and doesn't weigh it down enough, but overall it's fine."

"I love the material of this shower curtain, the water just falls off without holding onto moisture, making it easy to dry quickly," wrote another shopper. "I wish the magnets were a little stronger to keep the curtain in place against the tub, but overall it is a wide curtain and keeps all of the water from getting onto the floor."

Some shoppers have gotten creative with their shower liners, like this one: "I use this to help keep the dust from escaping from my workshop into the rest of the basement. As such, it hangs in a doorway and I can draw it across the opening when doing dusty work. It is perfect for that purpose."

$10 at Amazon

You can also grab these handy shower curtain rings —LiBa's hooks are heavy-duty stainless steel that's designed not to rust or weigh your curtains down.

These hooks are a breeze to install — just squeeze them to open the clamps and loop your curtains around them. And you know that loud grinding sound some shower hooks make? These glide quietly!

$6 at Amazon

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