'Yellowstone's' Luke Grimes Shared His Thoughts About Kevin Costner's Exit

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Production on the final episodes of the mega-hit Western series Yellowstone is set to commence next month, and with the cast gearing up for a final return to the Dutton ranch, many of the show's actors are beginning to speak on the upcoming finale for the first time.

In a new interview with the Independent, Luke Grimes, who plays the youngest Dutton son, Kayce, on the show, opened up a bit about his feelings on the series, and the behind the scenes drama that has plagued the show's final season.

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Perhaps the biggest source of speculation among Yellowstone fans for the last year has been the unceremonious exit star Kevin Costner (who plays John, the father of Luke's Kayce). The cast has largely remained quiet on the issue since Kevin announced his departure from the series last May, however when asked, Luke did offer a few thoughts. "Whatever happened there is unfortunate if it’s changed anything about how the show was going to unfold. I know [Kevin] got busy with his movies that were like passion projects," he said, apparently alluding to Keven's upcoming duo of films Horizon: An America Saga. "At a certain point, you gotta do what you gotta do, man; you gotta do what you love."

As for the show's much-discussed political divide, Luke waved off the impression that the show caters to one party or another, pointing to parallels with the now-ended HBO hit Succession. "I think a lot of people see a cowboy hat and a horse and they think, ‘Oh, that’s not for me, those people believe differently.’ And it’s almost like they take these flawed characters in the show and chalk it up to some sort of weird belief that they’ve put on them," he said. "Meanwhile, you can have a terrible person like [Succession’s] Logan Roy, who lives in an apartment in Manhattan, and that’s fine. That guy’s a total piece of s***! But that’s OK." He added, "I just don’t understand why that has to immediately equal some political belief. And I don’t think it does."

In fact, when it comes to the show itself, Luke himself admits he wouldn't know—his role of Kayce is so important to him that he refuses to watch the series. "I’m so scared that I’m gonna watch it and not like what I did," he said.

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