Woman's x-rated find on plane seat

Penny Burfitt
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We all love a free blanket or two, but sometimes the free finds on a plane are a little less comfortable. Photo: Getty Images

We all love the freebies on a plane.

Be it the crappy earphones, an eye mask or a tiny toothbrush and toothpaste, there’s nothing quite like complimentary smallgoods to kick off your in-flight experience.

For flight customer Rebecca Naish however, her free goodies on a recent trip to Vegas came as something of a shock.

Instead of earbuds, or a plastic-wrapped blanket, the Amsterdam traveller found a pair of lacy underwear waiting to greet her.

To make matters worse, this wasn’t some strange new incentive by Virgin Airlines, they were a keepsake left behind by the seat’s previous occupant who hadn’t managed to give them a wash before draping them across the chair.

The horrified flyer took to Twitter with an image of the dirty scenario.

“Don’t think much of Virgin Atlantic’s new pyjama policy!” she wrote alongside the photo.

“Found on my seat as I boarded the Vegas flight!”

The post quickly attracted attention, with other users sympathising with the woman’s plight, and the company reaching out to remedy the situation.

“Oh that’s so gross! - hope your flight gets better!” wrote one user.

Others saw a lighter side to the undergarment situation.

“Let’s not forget the bravery of the stewardess who disposed of them,” one said.

“Classic! Fantastic bonus!” another wrote.

Rebecca spoke to The Sun Online Travel and managed to find the humour in the situation.

“...only on a flight to Vegas would you find that!” she said, although she did add that the aforementioned flight attendants took a very hands on approach to the dilemma.

“"[A flight attendant] finally came over, so I showed her and explained.

"She then just picked them up (bare handed!) and took them away and apologised."

The airline apologised in a statement to the paper, although Rebecca later added that the seat wasn’t de-sterilised following the offending undies removal.

“My seat never did get cleaned,” she tweeted.

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