X-rated Aldi Special Buy raises eyebrows: 'Going to be wild'

Aldi's latest catalogue has shoppers even more excited than usual this week, with an apparently X-rated sale item hitting the shelves on Dec 7.

The Hot and Cold Massager features "3 adjustable levels for cooling, massage and heating", a "specially designed head to suit different areas of the body", and looks suspiciously like a dupe of Hitachi's now-infamous Magic Wand.

For our less adventurous readers, the Hitachi Magic Wand is an AC-powered vibrating wand originally designed for relieving tension and relaxing sore muscles, however the device is now solely manufactured and marketed for use as a high-powered sex toy.

Aldi catalogue page featuring massager wand
An Aldi shopper thought the massager would be extremely popular when it goes on sale, for reasons not specified in the latest catalogue. Photo: Facebook

With the price of the real thing starting at $200, members of the Markdown Addicts Australia Facebook group were understandably all hot and bothered by the prospect of Aldi's dupe at just $49.99.

Aldi shoppers in hysterics

"Aldi middle aisle on Dec 7th is going to be wild," said one member in a post featuring a picture of the catalogue and wand. The replies came thick and fast with zero confusion as to what the massager would really be used for.

"Trip to Aldi?" replied one woman, to which another replied, "The ad looks like it's trying to romance you. Slinky nightie, candle, and ooh a massager. Where's the wine to really set the scene!"


"Oh the queues to get in," a third member joked, and another cheekily commented, "Clean up in middle aisle, I repeat, clean up in middle aisle, going to need a mop and bucket!"

Another woman pointed out you can get a purpose built machine for a similar price or cheaper: "Lovehoney is cheaper," she wrote. A man, who may or may not be the woman's neighbour, then pointed out that "neighbours are free" to great hoorah.

Other members had concerns about the awkwardness of a return if the massager didn't work as desired: "Imagine if it was faulty and you had to take it back!"

Aldi responds

Confirming that the Hot and Cold Massager will be in stores from Dec 7, an Aldi spokesperson told Yahoo Lifestyle that the retailer is happy to see the product so well received and offered some advice for buyers.

"We are always glad to see customers excited by one of our Special Buys. We strongly encourage customers to use products as per their recommended instructions on packaging. However, ultimately what people do in the privacy of their own homes is their business," the spokesperson said.

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