Woolworths shoppers lose it over Sizzler cheese bread dupe

When Sizzler restaurants finally shut their doors in 2020, many Aussies lamented the menu items that they would miss most, and on top of that list was its famous cheese bread.

Two years on it seems that some people still reminisce about the tasty savoury bread snack.

Pregnant mum Dannii Rodgers found herself with a craving and was delighted when she discovered a supermarket dupe for the tasty bread, sharing her discovery on TikTok.

"I've been told that this pan bread tastes exactly like Sizzler bread," she said in the video which has since gone viral.

"And if you know you know, lets give it a go," she added before trying the La Famiglia Cheesy Pan Bread which is available at Woolworths and other supermarkets.

"Definitely the same vibe. And it's good, it's good," Dannii concluded.

Left: Dannii showing her followers the bread from Woolies. Middle: A close up of the frozen bread. Right: Dannii biting into the cooked bread
This Sizzler cheese bread dupe from Woolies is going viral. Photo: TikTok/@danniirodgers (TikTok/@danniirodgers)

Although the bread product is not new, it seems that Dannii has reminded people of how good it is and how similar to the Sizzler cheese bread it is.

"I put it in the airfryer for like 5 mins, so good!," one person commented.

Another sympathised with Dannii's cravings saying: "I’m pregnant and I’ve forgotten all about these as I use to have them a lot and now since I’ve been reminded it’s a new craving!! Ahhh! I need to get!"

To which Dannii replied: "Yes you do!!! I cannot believe I never knew about them until now."

The pregnant mum was surprised when the post went viral.

"I'm just pregnant and hungry bro," she said laughing.

"I literally cannot get my hands on any since I did the TikTok. I need them to stop sharing now," she added in the comments of her follow-up video.

Now that it has now sold out at a lot of supermarkets, fans of the Sizzler product are keen to find alternatives.


As luck would have it, before Sizzler closed their doors for good in Australia, they did leave Aussie fans a present in the shape of their cheesy bread recipe.

"It’s two simple ingredients - margarine and pecorino cheese," Sizzler’s Don Crilly told 7NEWS.

Making it at home is even cheaper than the Woollies, though it does take a little (and we mean a little!) prep.


  • Thick sliced white bread

  • pecorino cheese

  • margarine


1. Combine equal amounts of margarine with pecorino cheese and mix to create a paste.

2. Spread the mixture on one side of the bread.

3. Cook it in your frying pan on a low to medium heat for about 60 seconds

When it’s golden brown, it’s ready to eat.

Now we have two quick and easy ways to fulfil our cheesy bread cravings, so which one do you prefer?

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