Woolworths' 20-cent hack will save you this Christmas: 'Genius'

A Woolworths shopper has taken to TikTok to share a great little Christmas hack she discovered. Shantelle Conway noticed on her recent shopping trip to the supermarket that the reusable paper bags, which featured green watermelon slices styled up as Christmas trees, had scissor symbols near the bottom.

"So they're not only reusable for your shopping," she explained in the video, "but you can actually use them as wrapping paper!" The mum of three from Melbourne has also purchased some cheese boards as gifts from the supermarket and showed how easy it was to use the 20c bags as gift wrap.

Step by step images of a Woolworths paper bag being repurposed as wrapping paper from TikTok.
Woolworths shopper Shantelle shows on TikTok how the supermarket's paper bags can be repurposed as wrapping paper. Photo: TikTok/@shantelleconway0

"It was pretty easy. I just cut both long ends and then the smaller ends. Then I laid the paper out, folded it over and stuck it all down," she explained. "If you want you can add a little bow, I added some twine on it. And that was the end result. Love it," she added.


Over 35,000 people have now watched the video and viewers were impressed with the idea. "Genius! Well done Woolies," one commented, and another wrote, "I actually love this idea they had! So good. It doesn't look bad either, I thought it would look super tacky," while a third added, "AND there's no advertising material on it either. Love Woolies.'

Woolies spreads the Christmas spirit

The supermarket is thrilled that people are noticing the different ways their paper bags can be reused. "We’re really excited this year to have launched our Christmas-themed paper bag," Woolworths Supermarkets Commercial Director for Everyday Needs James Hepworth told 7News. "This paper bag is made from 70 per cent recycled material, can be easily recycled kerbside, or reused for future shopping trips.

"But what’s fantastic about this Christmas bag is that customers can cut along a line, open it up and use it to wrap Christmas presents at home, and recycle kerbside once the gift is unwrapped. The bags can also be used to make some fun Christmas decorations with the kids or for homemade Christmas cards," he added. Well, that's one less thing to worry about this Christmas.

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