Woolworths releases $6.90 egg product with a huge twist

Woolworths stores will now be stocking liquid egg products after partnering with Aussie egg brand Sunny Queen.

Customers will notice two new additions to Woolworths’ egg aisle in the coming days, as Sunny Queen’s new Scrambled Egg and Egg White pre-prepped pouches begin hitting shelves.

The new product, which Sunny Queen described as a combination of “convenience, health and nutrition”, is made with 100 per cent Aussie eggs with no artificial colours or flavours, in easy-to-use resealable pouches.

Egg pouches now sold at Woolworths plus a photo of scrambled eggs made with a pouch's content. Source: Sunny Queen
The eggs, which can be found in Woolworths' egg aisle, are also gluten-free with three and four-star health ratings. Source: Sunny Queen

Woolworths customers had mixed reactions to a previous Sunny Queen innovation, where pre-peeled, boiled eggs sparked a fierce debate. However, Sunny Queen is predicting that the liquid eggs will be a hit.

“Products like pre-grated cheese and pre-chopped vegetables have become the norm on tables and used in meal prepping around Australia and as such, will this new way of enjoying and consuming more eggs,” they wrote in a media release.

The liquid egg pouches are also made from recyclable packaging, aiding in Woolworths’ sustainability mission, which has already saved more than 9,000 tonnes of plastic from ending up in landfill since its inception in 2017.


New egg product ‘healthy, convenient’ for families

Isabelle Dench, General Manager, Marketing and Innovation at Sunny Queen, said that convenience doesn’t mean having to compromise on taste, health and nutrition.

“With our two new products, Scrambled Egg Mix and 100% Egg Whites, we have a solution for busy bees, families and people seeking a healthy and convenient product that contains a valuable source of protein and is also simple and quick to prepare by anyone in the family,” she said.

“Trends show that consumers want convenient, time-saving food and are increasingly interested in supporting Aussie farmers and buying Aussie-made products.

“We are all time poor and becoming more and more health conscious, and therefore, nutritious, easy and guilt-free food is shaping the way forward changing the perception of ready-made products from ‘guilty pleasures’ to ‘simple and healthy pleasures’ – because now you really can have both.”

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