The Woolworths items spiking in sales during lockdown

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People have been shopping differently during lockdown, here are the things that have gone gangbusters at Woolies. Photo: Getty

We’re all too familiar with toilet paper selling out as soon as a lockdown is announced but there are a couple of other supermarket products that have surged in popularity while so many Aussies have been stuck at home.

Frozen dumplings are an item that’s been filling up trolleys, with shoppers greedily devouring them as a quick and easy home meal.

Golden Wok’s range of frozen dumplings made in collaboration with 2017 MasterChef Australia winner Diana Chan, have been hugely successful with a whopping 21 million bags being sold in Woolworths and Coles in 2020.

frozen dumplings from MasterChef Australia winner Diana Chan
These $7.50 frozen dumplings from MasterChef Australia winner Diana Chan have been wildly popular. Photo: Golden Wok

Not your usual pork and chive variety, the $7.50 dumplings come in a range of interesting flavours including Korean beef, BBQ pork and honey soy chicken. The jumbo bags of Thai chicken dumplings are currently on special for $10 instead of $19.


Wonton wrappers have also been popular as shoppers try their hand at making their own dumplings. 

The wrappers come cut into individual portions so you only need to make up the dumpling filling, place a spoonful into each wrapper and fold it up ready for cooking. You still get a homemade dumpling but without having to make the pastry - much like buying lasagna sheets instead of making the pasta from scratch.

Instant coffee

With offices shut down thanks to lockdowns in NSW and Victoria, at home coffee options have unsurprisingly been increasing in popularity, but it’s been instant coffee in particular that’s proven to be a best-seller.

tweets about moccona instant coffee in lockdown
Moccona remains the favourite instant coffee brand. Photo: Twitter/petertaggart, Lucy_Piper and coyahoga

As the cheapest and most low tech way to get your morning brew, you can see why shoppers have been gravitating towards it.

Moccona is a firm favourite, both as a regular morning pick-me-up and a quick fall back option, and the 200g jars are currently on special for $10 instead of $13. 

Meanwhile Vittoria recently launched its first instant product since the brand’s inception in 1947, and that’s been selling well too.

Vittoria's new instant coffee
Vittoria's new instant coffee offering has been selling well since its launch in July. Photo: Vittoria

Home cooking staples

Rounding out the list of popular items are easy, home cooking staples, with a spokesperson from Woolworths telling Yahoo Lifestyle, “the key growth categories include fresh beef and chicken, pasta, rice, cooking oils and spices.”

“This indicates a lot of our customers are rugging up and enjoying hearty slow cooked meals through the lockdown,” they added.

Versatile beef mince has been selling well, along with casserole cuts that have been great over winter. Ready made pasta sauces have been another big winner, and baking has also been on the rise again this lockdown with “strong growth in cake mixes and baking goods”.

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