'We don't deserve this': Woolworths forced to ask customers not to abuse staff

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Woolworths store in sydney
Woolworths has had to instruct customers not to abuse staff members as coronavirus shopping hits new low. Photo: AAP

Woolworths shoppers have been left shocked after staff were forced to take to the PA systems with an alarming message for customers.

Store management was forced to instruct them not to abuse staff.

The announcement was heard by several shoppers over the weekend, following a mass rush to stock up on essentials as incidents of coronavirus increase.

Customers are being asked not to abuse staff in Woolworths
Customers are being asked not to abuse staff in Woolworths. Photo: Yahoo Lifestyle Australia

Posting to Facebook, one shopper described the announcement as a terrible sign of people’s behaviour.

“You know it’s bad when Woolies radio is telling people not to abuse staff members,” the man wrote.

‘We don’t deserve to be treated that way’

The post sparked a flurry of reactions from both shoppers and workers.

One staff member praised the announcement, describing her frustration with the chaotic approach taken by shoppers.

“Because t’s getting worse and we don’t deserve to be treated that way,” she wrote.

“We are doing what we are told and we’re not going to bend the rules for anyone.”

Others voiced their dismay at the state of affairs.

“I heard this today and thought I’d imagined it,” one witness wrote.

“I’m shocked,” another agreed.

“Literally can’t hear anything over the complaining anyway,” another shared.

 man looks for toilet paper in an Australian supermarket after panic buying due to the Corona Virus
A rush to stock up on essentials has left supermarket shelves bare. Photo: Getty Images

Supermarkets across the country have been combatting a range of issues brought on by concern over the spread of COVID-19, not least incidents of shoppers getting violent with staff and one another.

On Sunday police were called to a Coles supermarket in inner Melbourne after a shopper allegedly attacked a staff member with a stick.

Meanwhile, on Monday morning, Woolworths announced they would be opening stores at 7am until at least Friday, with the extra hour dedicated to elderly and vulnerable shoppers.

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