Woolworths $4 item influencer swears by for a sparkling BBQ : 'No need to scrub'

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Two young children are served kebabs from a barbeque in Potomac, Maryland, USA, with grilled pineapple and vegetable skewers in the background.
Now is the perfect time to host a barbeque, but what about the clean-up? Photo: Getty Images

There is nothing like a barbeque to enjoy good food and company, particularly during a pandemic when we're being encouraged to socialise outdoors.

We all know everything tastes better on a barbeque, but many of us dread cleaning that sticky, greasy grill.

Adelaide chef and Instagram star, Leah Itsines is always sharing delicious recipes — many perfect for the BBQ — as well as some tip-top grill cleaning hacks.

Recently, she took her half a million Insta followers through her clever hacks for busting barbecue grime.


First up, Leah always cleans the grill after use and doesn't let anything dry on the surface.

"While it's still hot or warm, I'll quickly get a lemon and scrub or use the BBQ scrubber to get as much off as I can, then wipe it down with a wet cloth," she said.

Chef Leah Itsines points to her written instructions for cleaning a barbecue grill, shows off the Oven Power product, the plastic bag used to soak dirty grill plates and, finally, the shiny result of a very clean grill.
Leah has barbecue-mess busting in the bag with a product sold at Woolies. Bag, soak, walk away, return and rinse for the shiny results. Photo: Getty Images and Instagram/@leahitsines

"I repeat when I heat it back up again to get any last bits."

She also shared a quick tip using a product from your local Woolies which comes to the rescue for deep-cleaning removable barbecue plates.

Oven Power is just $4.35 (on sale), and it comes in a box that has all you need to get your grills sparkling clean without muscle or mess.

"It comes with these bags and you pour the entire jug in (you can add your BBQ utensils and anything with sticky gross stuff leftover) and you leave it in the bag for 24 hours," Leah wrote.

"Then just wet, you shouldn't need to scrub, and everything comes off!"

"Once it's back on the BBQ, I heat up and clean again with a lemon," she added along with images of her beautifully clean grill plates.

Oven Power manufacturer Ozkleen recommends, however, squirting a few drops of detergent and rinsing with hot water to ensure you remove all of the product before putting food onto the grill plate again.

If, like me, you wonder how it works so quickly and effectively, Ozkleen explains it: "Removes grease and grime via a rich surfactant system that draws grease from the surface. This allows it to attack grease and grime from underneath, so baked on grease will simply lift and peel."

No excuses for not firing up the barbecue this weekend!

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