Weber releases portable travel BBQ perfect for summer adventures

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Weber Traveler Portable Gas BBQ.
The Weber Traveler Portable Gas BBQ, available now for $599.99, you'll be able to feed the adventure wherever you go. Photo: BCF

Just in time for summer Weber has released the ultimate travel BBQ perfect to pick up and take with you on your next adventure. This portable BBQ is just what you need on your next camping adventure with its ease of setting up and compact ability, you'll only wish you invested in one sooner. 

Living in Australia it's no surprise that many love the great outdoors, and all the sights this great country has to offer. The joy that comes from the adventures in the great outdoors from camping, boating, fishing can't be beaten, with Australia lined with some of the most beautiful beaches, waterways, and sights on the planet! Plus an endless supply of bushland for hiking, and camping, a tool like the Weber Traveler Portable Gas BBQ becomes a necessity for the enjoyment of this lifestyle. 


With the Weber Traveler Portable Gas BBQ, available now for $599.99, you'll be able to feed the adventure wherever you go. This portable BBQ is the perfect way to enjoy a delicious BBQ meal in the bush, at the park, or even on the beach. What's so great about the BBQ is the streamlined design making set up and transport effortlessly easy with the integrated cart. You only need one hand to unfold it and get it ready to cook, wherever you are.


The Weber Traveler Portable Gas BBQ
The Weber Traveler Portable Gas BBQ, folds up with ease for campers on the move. Photo: BCF

Built to last

Built with porcelain-enamelled cast-iron cooking grills that resist rust and even retain heat to give you the perfect temperature, the Weber Traveler Portable Gas BBQ is built to last. If you're traveling with a big group, no worries, the BBQ can fit up to 15 burgers or 30 sausages, so everyone in the crew can enjoy a bite to eat. If you're familiar with Weber, this BBQ features everything you'd expect, including a built-in thermometer, a side table for your rubs, spices, and condiments, and an automatic lid that keeps it all locked away securely in transport.


Wherever you go across Australia, the Weber Traveler will follow with ease. With all the flexibility you need when travelling on the road, you can fuel it off a disposable canister, or an LPG gas tank via the supplied gas hose attachment. The Weber Traveler Portable Gas BBQ includes a foot stand that doubles as a handle to make it easy to pick up, and a tank stand so you can run it off a bigger gas bottle if needed. 

Don't worry about overcooking with the built-in thermometer shows you exactly what temperature you're cooking and the main burner output of 13,000 BTU with the ability to sear steaks, grill chicken or cook veggies. The large 2064 cm² grill's ability to cook roughly 15 burgers or 30 sausages means it's truly enough for the whole family in one go so no one has to wait. The built-in side table makes for easy prep space right at the BBQ. Once you're done, the porcelain enamelled cast iron cooking grills evenly retain heat, resist rust, and make cleaning easy, and a built-in grease management system funnels debris and grease into a disposable drip tray. 

Weber Traveler Portable Gas BBQ
You only need one hand to unfold it and get it ready to cook, wherever you are. Photo: BCF

One-handed set up and fold away so you can get cooking or packed up in moments, and includes an automatic lid-locking mechanism that keeps it closed when folded. Two all-terrain wheels let you take it anywhere and enjoy a delicious meal wherever you are and the dual-fuel operation makes it easy to choose from either disposable canisters or a larger gas bottle with a handy tank stand. 

The Weber Traveler Portable Gas BBQ includes all the bells and whistles for the explorer in you. Now grab your friends and family and head out on an adventure with your ultimate traveler BBQ. 

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