Woolworths $8 product transforms kitchen item: 'This stuff is magic'

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bottom of pans before and after clean with Bar Keepers Friend
Aussie TikToker Talia used Bar Keepers Friend to scrub the burn off the bottom of her pans. Photo: TikTok/talia_cleaningtips

With the amount of time we spend just maintaining a base level of cleanliness around our home, it’s hardly surprising that hacks to get the job done faster and with less effort keep going viral.

Tiktok is full of great cleaning tips and tricks, and one $8 product is proving particularly popular thanks to its ability to clean quickly, easily and cheaply.

An oldie but a goodie, Bar Keepers Friend is a powdered cleansing and polishing agent that can be picked up at Woolies used on a whole range of surfaces in your kitchen and bathroom with some pretty impressive results.

Bar Keepers Friend powder
Bar Keepers Friend is $8 at Woolies and Coles. Photo: Woolworths

Aussie cleanfluencer Talia used it to scrub the blackened bottoms of her stainless steel pans, making them look next to new in no time.

“You just want to wet down the pan first, apply your bar keepers friend to the pan and scrub with your scrub daddy in a circular motion,” she says in her video.

“This works well on all stainless steel pans and gives it a really good shine, I’m so impressed with how this turned out.”


limescale windows before and after clean
She used the same product on the limescale built up on the outside of her windows. Photo: TikTok/talia_cleaningtips

She also used the product to clean the limescale off her windows without much effort. All she did was sprinkle some Bar Keepers Friend onto a wet sponge, scrub down the window then squeegee and wipe clean.

Back in the kitchen, lots of TikTokers use it to clean their sinks, oven doors, glass cooktops, copper pots and stainless steel appliances, with one woman even using it to erase the scratch marks from her 16 year old plates.

“This stuff is magic,” one person said after using it to remove the built up grease and grime from her porcelain sink.

old plates before and after clean
The scratch marks on these 16-year-old plates were removed with a little Bar Keeper’s Friend. Photo:TikTok/amidstthechaos
sink before and after clean with Bar Keepers Friend
TikToker Kailey Lynn described Bar Keepers Friend as “magic” after she used it to clean her sink. Photo: TikTok/kaileylynn222

Others have described it as “my cleaning BFF”, “the best” and a “literal life saver”.

Because it comes as a powder instead of a cream or spray, you can either sprinkle some of the bar keepers friend onto the surface you want to clean and then wet it down with a damp sponge, or mix with a little water beforehand to form a paste.

There’s also a soft cleanser cream version available for $9.50 a bottle.

copper pot beofre and after clean
This copper pot is almost unrecognisable after a good scrub. Photo:TikTok/shyannert
Bar Keepers Friend  cleaning cream
Bar Keepers Friend is also available in a cleaning cream. Photo: Amazon Australia

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