Photography Andrew Babarczy
Photography Andrew Babarczy

Name: Carlee Beattie

Age: 29
From: Brisbane, Qld
Olympic Events: Paralympic 100m and 200m, long jump

Beattie, who was born without a fully formed arm, has achieved what many of us would struggle to even attempt: mastering not just one sporting event, but three. The 184cm nutrition student is the world-record holder in the F46 long jump (leaping 5.89m), and recently took home a silver medal in the long jump and bronze in the 100m at the 2011 World Championships.

Motivation trick
“Thinking of how great it would be winning gold and standing proud on that podium.”

Photography Andrew Babarczy
On beating failure
“Assess and move on. Failure can be a huge motivation.”

About her body
“I’m happy with it. There’s always something about your body you’d like to change. For me that would be having a flatter stomach – and I’m working on it!”

Top workout tip
“Incorporate weight training into your routine. Being strong as well as fit is important.”

When to watch her
Sunday September 2; Monday September 3; Thursday September 6; all on ABC 1