'So creepy': Woman left shaken by mystery figure in photo

Marni Dixit
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A woman has taken to Facebook to share an image that has given her goosebumps after realising upon closer inspection that there's a mysterious figure hiding in the photo.

The woman shared the photo to the Noosa Community Notice Board and wrote, "My 11 yo daughter took this photo outside of the Cooran brewery about 2 weeks ago.

A woman has taken to Facebook to share a photo featuring a mysterious ghost-life figure. Photo: Facebook

"My niece is in the yellow jumper walking around the corner. Not sure what to make of this.. I’ve walked by there since and it wasn’t there.

"My daughter was having a sleepover with her auntie at the time and showed me the photos when she got home. It gives me goosebumps! Any thoughts?"

One user responded, saying they'd seen a ghost nearby before, "I had a ghost in a house in Cooran. Not far from the brewery which I had a lady come in and tell me I had an older man and two children. Her card read I see dead people. I think he used to work or own a saw mill or something like that in Cooran. Very interesting stuff."

When asked whether the woman had done a card reading for her, she responded, "She walked through the house and she told me her feelings etc. was really good. As I had a lot of unexplained things happen. So she reassured my feelings. I would talk to them when things happened."

She added, "I am a very sceptical person too. But I truly believe the dead walk amongst us now. I have a ghost where I have moved to in Pomona now. Oh well I can share."

Another user joked, "It's a brewery, they don't serve spirits."

Some believed that the figure looked like a soldier or a sailor. Photo: Facebook

Someone else commented, "This building was very loved by many and prior to being a brewery was owned by the Alfredson family. Mr Alfredson was killed in an accident felling a tree. He built the building."

A fourth added, "Holy c**p. It could be an old stock man or digger. This was a stop on the way to dig gold in Gympie. Creepy yep!"

Others wrote that the photo was "so creepy" and gave them "shivers" while others said that they would be going to the location themselves to take a snap.

Some also suggested the figure looked like a soldier or sailor.

However, some people wrote that the 'ghost' was simply and optical illusion, "I worked there [until] Covid, it's actually just the hop vines marking that ghost like pattern against the white double doors which you can't tell are white double doors . Awesome photo," wrote one Facebook user.

Another added, "Nothing paranormal, just weeds on the building but if you do use your imagination it does look like a soldier."

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