Woman's prenup demands she lose all the baby weight she gains

While prenups may be common among those with a little bit of cash to their name, some of the requests by this particular groom-to-be have caused a stir online.

An unnamed woman took to Reddit to ask for advice about some “weird clauses” her fiancé had put into their prenup.

She explained that her 36-year-old fiancé is a neurosurgeon and when he asked for a prenup she “wasn’t too surprised” saying she is actually “all for them”.

“My fiancé put a few odd clauses in our prenup, such as an infidelity clause so if I cheat on him, I walk away with basically nothing,” the woman, from NYC, wrote.

There would also be compensation for every child she had with him. But then this doozy.

“Along with that, he put in a clause that stated that I have to lose any weight I gain after child birth, at least 30lbs (14kg) of it in the first year following childbirth,” she said.

She later added that for the baby-weight clause, she would need to weigh herself pre-birth, peak-pregnancy, post-birth, “and then an annual weigh-in to see if I have complied”.

The 29-year-old woman goes on to ask for any legal advice about whether or not these clauses are “enforceable in court”, especially as her current lawyer just so happens to be her future father-in-law.

Pretty much everyone agreed that she should definitely be getting herself her own lawyer.

“You should consult your own lawyer. But that weight-loss clause sure sets off alarm bells,” one person wrote.

Consult your own lawyer. The father is not your lawyer,” another stressed. “I suspect he is also not a family practice attorney because if was and he’s representing his son (which would be a BAD idea in any case) he would never try to put these clauses in AND he would insist on you getting your own representation.”

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Others also pointed that a prenup should go both ways, and she should definitely make sure to change a few things before signing anything.

“Remember marriage is a partnership and you have assets to protect as well as he does – you should not sign his prenup, you should both sign a prenup that protects you both,” one person suggested. “What if he cheats? What about his weight?”

“You need a lawyer to represent your interests here. If I were in your shoes, I’d want a counter clause saying that he needs to provide childcare and a personal trainer, nutritionist and chef to come to your home while you’re trying to meet his unrealistic expectations,” another wrote.

Thankfully she updated everyone to say she would indeed be hiring her own lawyer and add her own changes into the prenup.

“The clauses such as the infidelity and the weight loss are going to have to go both ways,” she wrote.

There were of course plenty who told the woman she should ‘run’ before getting married, but as the thread was specifically for legal advice, most of those comments were deleted with this message:

“Those who feel compelled to offer relationship advice rather than sticking to legal advice will be booted.”

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