Woman transforms old $40 table into $5K masterpiece: 'Mind-blowing'

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Forking out big bucks for fancy furniture isn’t exactly everyone’s cup of tea, especially when you can upcycle something yourself.

And that’s exactly what one woman did, sending social media into a frenzy with her incredible transformation results.

After spotting a $40 table on Marketplace, the creative woman from Victoria knew she could turn it into something special - and did she ever!

kmart and bunnings Table transformation
From this, to this! The transformation of this table left people shocked. Source: Facebook.

After a quick trip to Bunnings and Kmart to pick up some budget items and Googling how to get it just right, the results were incredibly high-end.

“I turned a $40 marketplace find into this,” she posted on a popular Bunnings Facebook page, alongside a picture of her totally transformed table.

She explained she ripped pieces of plywood purchased from Bunnings into pieces to create a custom-designed pattern. Then, using glue and nail gun she bent the wood into place.


How did she do it?

“I Googled how to bend wood trim for the ends and then Whitewashed the entire top and coated with a satin, water-based clear,” she said.

“Because I know people will ask, the legs are 4 ribbed ottomans from Kmart cut down slightly and stacked with a timber frame inside each.”

Her incredible hack suited the design and decor in her home perfectly, leaving many in the group “blown away” by the transformation.

Table transformation using bunnings items
Using plywood from Bunnings and good old Google to get the edges right, the end results were incredible. Source: Facebook.

“This is phenomenal!! Well done, what a stunning bespoke piece, one person said of the transformation.

“That is sooooo awesome!! how beautiful and so creative! Amazing,” added another.

“To be able to go from what you had to this takes ALOT of vision!! You are extremely talented. Well done,” complimented a third.

"Prettiest dining table ever!"

Her post was so popular that it gained more than 3.5K likes and hundreds of comments from people congratulating her, calling her an “artistic genius”.

“Wow what a transformation this is unreal!! Good job!” One person commented while another added: “Quite possibly the prettiest dining table I've ever seen”.

She went on to explain why she decided to make it herself, saying that she had originally seen a table she liked with a very hefty price tag.

final result of Table transformation thanks to kmart and bunnings
Apart from the $40 table top, she also purcahsed four Kmart ottomons for the table legs, costing $29 each. Source: Facebook

After looking for a table with the right shape, she decided to get creative herself.

“I saw a table that looked similar with a $5,000 price tag and that’s just not me,” she added in the comments.

“When I saw the ottomans I knew I could use them as legs and then it was just a matter of finding a table the shape I wanted which was a lot harder than I thought it would be.”

Others were so impressed, they said they were going to “copy” her idea and try it our for themselves.

“Clever ! I just got similar table for free but the veneer is badly damaged. Definitely going to steal your idea. Thank you very much,” one person wrote.

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