Woman sparks debate with unique household heating hack: 'Thats a nope'

Opinions were divided on the practicality of the innovative workaround

An Aussie woman's unique heating solution has caused a stir in a popular social media group for budget-conscious mums seeking money-saving tips.

The woman was met with a mixed response to her quick fix, when she shared an image of a foam mattress strategically positioned at the top of her staircase. The purpose of this placement, as she explained, was to prevent the dissipation of warmth from downstairs to upstairs when the area is unoccupied.

"Today's $ saving idea" she wrote alongside the photo. "Wedged a foam mattress in my staircase to stop all the heat from downstairs disappearing upstairs when no one is up there." The image showed the mattress neatly wedged into the stairwell in order to maximise heat efficiency.

mattress wedged into stairwell.
The budget conscious mum received a mixed response when she shared her money saving suggestion to social media. Photo: Facebook/Mums Who Budget and Save

On sharing her unique solution, the woman received a variety of reactions from the online community. Many individuals applauded her creative thinking, with one person enthusiastically declaring, "Legendary stuff." Another member of the group even shared their own experience, stating they had implemented a similar tactic in their hallway during the summer months to maintain cooling in a specific area of their home.


While the unconventional heating solution garnered praise, not everyone was fully convinced of its practicality. A supportive commenter referred to it as a "great idea" but raised a valid question regarding the potential risk of the mattress falling through and into the stairwell.

Sceptics amongst the group also expressed uncertainty about the intention of keeping the upstairs area cold. "Interesting idea, but don't you use the upstairs later in the day? I would have thought the bedrooms were upstairs," one person wrote.

Woman turning the knob on a radiator
With the cost of living on the rise, one woman took the matter of heating her household into her own hands. Photo: Getty Images

Another group member playfully remarked: "Ummm what happens when you want to go up or down?"

Amidst the discussion, alternative suggestions for saving money on heating emerged. One person shared their own cost-effective solution, saying: "We used to use an old insulated curtain I got from an op shop. Cost me $3." Meanwhile, someone else proposed the idea of using wood panels on windows for better heat retention.

Some individuals weren't sold on the idea at all, expressing reservations about the feasibility and safety of the method. One person acknowledged its limitations, pointing out, "It isn't very practical, but if it works for you and you can live with it, go for it."

Another expressed the need for better visibility, remarking, "That's a nope. Need a light up there before I climb those stairs... like a horror movie."

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