Kmart budget skincare line shoppers are obsessing over: 'Best I've used!'

One woman snapped up nine products from the range for $45.

Forget splashing hundreds of dollars on skincare, according to Kmart fans the store’s Vitamin C range is all you need and it will cost you less than $50.

Shoppers are going crazy for the budget skincare offering after one woman stumbled upon it in store and shared her find on Facebook.

She snapped up nine products from the Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid range for $45 calling her haul, “great value”.

“We all need a simple and effective skin range that doesn't cost a fortune! Love the gold eye pads 30 in a box!” She said alongside a picture of the products.

“Very happy and doing a ten-day before and after test.”

Kmart Skincare range
The Kmart shopper was blown away by her budget buy, picking up eight products and a face cleanser tool for $45. Source: Facebook

And she’s not the only one raving about the range. Dozens of others agreed with her, saying they’d discovered it too and loved it!

“I have been using these exact products for the past two years. No bad reactions, gentle on my skin, no breakouts. Great purchase,” one person exclaimed.

“Best cleanser I’ve ever used! It’s so hard to get the cleaner where I am, so I buy five at a time! And the mist is great,” shared another impressed shopper.

“Love these products - amazing,” raved a third.

What's included in the range

Kmart has two Vitamin C skin care ranges available, a Vitamin C and Hydrolic acid range that promises to “brighten and hydrate skin” along with a Vitamin C and Collagen range which vows to “brighten and firm skin for a radiant complexion”.

Kmart Skincare range
The Vitamin C Gel Eye Mask is one of the most popular products in the range. Source: Kmart

Some of the stand-out products shoppers are loving include the Vitamin C and Hydrolic acid $6 night serum, $5 night moisturiser, $6 30-pack gel eye mask, $5 facial mist and $5 exfoliating pads.

The Vitamin C and Collagen range also includes a $5 facial scrub, $4 eye gel, $5 face toner, $5 cleanser, $6 day serum and $3.50 gel undereye patches.

Scientific-backed research suggests that Vitamin C can improve wrinkles and is a key ingredient in skincare to help slow early aging, improve the appearance of dark spots and acne and prevent sun damage.


While most people loved the products, others questioned what they’re made from to be available at such a budget price. But others pointed out that most beauty products contain the same ingredients.

“So much research done these days by reputable researchers to prove you don’t have to spend $100s on one product to get quality skin care. Just do a quick comparison of contents you will be surprised,” one person advised.

Kmart Skincare range
According to the Kmart website, the products are paraben and MIT-free and contain no artificial fragrances. Source: Kmart

The products have rave reviews on the Kmart website too with pages of glowing appraisals, with many saying the product outshines other expensive skincare brands,

“So good! I use it every day. Along with the day serum and toner. If you team it up with the pink clay mask, you will see how good your skin looks afterwards AND in the morning. Trust me,” one person shared.

“Really hydrating and can see results within a week,” another excitedly wrote.

“I love this, easy to apply and I have noticed some results. It certainly is worth a try for what it cost - a fraction of the price of leading brands,” said a third.

Kmart Skincare range
Shoppers who reviewed the range said they saw results "after using it for about 4 to 5 days" and that it was definitely "worth the money". Source: Kmart

Others added that they had noticed a difference in their skin after use with one person saying it “makes my skin glow” and another adding it has “completely changed my skin”.

Now the biggest challenge will be actually finding each of the products in store. Looks like another trip to Kmart is in order!

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