Woman shuts down Millennials for 'nightmare' habit: 'Gen Z knows best'

Gen Z is throwing shade on Millennials over how we wear our sunglasses.

First, they came for our side parts and skinny jeans, and now Gen Z has set its sights on our sunglasses.

The latest debate started when a Millennial posted a TikTok video, sharing some gentle ribbing from her Gen Z friend about her choice to wear sunglasses positioned at the top of her nose.

Women debating how to wear sunglasses while lounging in the sun
Gen Z is waging war on the way Millennials wear their sunglasses. Photo: TikTok/@jordanharpernp

Jordan Harper, a Los Angeles-based nurse practitioner, lounged poolside, jokingly lamenting the "absolute bullying" she'd endured for her sunglasses style. Her video has since amassed a whopping 590,000 views and 10,400 likes and started yet another generational style showdown.

"The way I wear my sunnies isn't good enough for these people," Harper laughed, turning the camera to reveal her young friends.


"It's a PR nightmare," quipped her younger pal, as Harper proudly flaunted her penchant for donning sunglasses a tad higher up on her nose, eliciting a playful comparison to a "dad wearing a visor."

Alright already, you tell us how to wear our sunnies Gen Z, and we'll tell you where to put those low rise jeans we tried to get rid of that you decided to bring back. (Spoiler alert; in the bin).

For those who have no idea what our younger compatriots are talking about (*raises hand*), prepare to be schooled.

Gen Z contends that the "correct" way to sport sunglasses is to position them lower down the nose's ridge.

"You gotta wear 'em mid-nose," the Gen Zer clarified in the clip, sliding her sunglasses down from the bridge of her nose to the midsection.

Yet, the comment section revealed a kaleidoscope of opinions. Some staunchly defended the "dad way" (higher on the nose) for its sun-shielding practicality.

Others noted they wore prescription sunglasses and preferred the "old way" for functionality.

“I wear them for practicality, not to look pretty. I’m wearing them the dad way,” one person insisted, while another contested, "I wear them in such a way that they block the sun from my eyes." Groundbreaking.

"Dad way," chimed in another person, "because I like to be able to breathe."

Then there were those who preferred a lower perch to showcase their...eyebrows.

“Brows out. ALWAYS,” championed one follower.

“Gen Z knows best,” another claimed, while a self-professed Millennial proudly professed, "I have always worn my sunglasses lower… Brows always need to be showing!”

Meanwhile, some bewildered souls admitted to not realising there was a "wrong" way to wear sunglasses.

“I just put them on,” one person said while another summed it up perfectly with, “I am learning that Gen Z thinks a lot and I do not care enough to think about these things,” another wrote.

Amen sister.

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