Woman shamed for 'inappropriate' outfit at car repair shop: 'Offensive'

A woman has gone viral on TikTok after claiming she was asked to wait outside a car garage because her crop top was “inappropriate”.

Tia Wood shared a video with her 178,000 followers, where she showed off the outfit she was wearing to her car inspection.

woman outfit at car repair shop
Tia Wood claims she was shamed over this outfit at a car repair shop. Photo: TikTok/Tia Wood

It consisted of a burgundy crop top and a pair of denim shorts. However, according to Tia, an employee in the garage told her that she wasn't allowed to wait in the customer waiting area because of her outfit, and was asked to wait outside while her car was being inspected.

“DIDNT KNOW GETTING UR CAR INSPECTED HAD A DRESS CODE!!!!!!” Tia captioned a video on her TikTok account.


People were up in arms in the comment section, with one person writing: “It’s definitely not your fault. If everything is covered it should be absolutely no ones business but your own what you choose to wear.”

Tia Wood TikTok
Tia was wearing a burgundy crop top and a pair of shorts. Photo: TikTok/Tia Wood

In an update, Tia called the inspection centre to ask them if they have a dress code, telling them that she was kicked out the day before because of what she was wearing.

"I was kicked out of an inspection station yesterday because of something I was wearing," she told the representative on the phone. "If there's not a dress code, do you know why that may have happened?"

Tia said while the worker was “kind”, she found the encounter “offensive”.

Woman sitting in car with crop top and denim shorts
She found the encounter 'offensive'. Photo: TikTok/Tia Wood

She told the customer representative that she just wanted to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone again.

“I apologise for that because that is not how we do things, we don’t have a certain dress code,” the customer representative said.

People on TikTok were quick to comment on the interaction between the pair, with one person saying: “The respect, the patience, the humanity of this entire interaction. This is how people need to handle themselves.

“That lady was so incredibly kind and reassuring. And the way you handled this is so impressive. Glad you stood up for yourself,” another wrote.

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