Woman's baffling punishment for her cheating husband

Marni Dixit
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A woman has shared her bizarre form of punishment on her cheating husband, revealing she forces him to wear "the most ridiculous outfits" once a week.

Social media is divided by the odd punishment which was first posted on Facebook and then to Reddit.

Cheating man wearing little girls' clothing
A woman has taken to social media to share a photo of her husband wearing a ridiculous outfit, saying rather than divorcing after he cheated on her, this is his punishment. Photo/Reddit

The man is seen in a photo wearing a pink and white shirt with a pink hat, pink mask and blue overalls standing next to a bike that reads, "This is my desperate cheating husband's public punishment!

"Please take a photo and share it with his wife," it then included a link to a Facebook page called Shame My Hubby.

It seems as though he had been stopped for a photo while riding the bike in a park.


The Facebook page reveals that instead of divorcing, the pair made a deal.

"Whenever I tell him to, he must go out in public dressed as a sissy in shiny pantyhose and be humiliated."

The page, however, has no posts on it.

"It’s truly unfortunate that she’ll be the last one to realize this display is far more embarrassing for herself than any costume she dresses him up in," one Reddit user commented.

Cheating man
Social media was divided over the form of punishment with some suggesting the man probably enjoyed it. Photo: Getty

"That’s the confusing part for me, it’s so much more embarrassing for her that she stayed with him and publicly told the world she stayed with him,” another replied.

“Both are pathetic but she had every chance not to be."

Others suggested that if this is the worst consequence he gets then he will continue cheating anyway.

"I don't even get that,” another Reddit user wrote.

“My ex cheated on me, I was so heartbroken and just destroyed over it, I could have never made a joke of it. And, I didn't even like the guy."

Someone else added, "He's learning to resent you more than he already probably did, and he's learning not get caught next time he cheats on you."

"Completely unhealthy relationship. This is so sad," another said.

Many others suggested the man was actually enjoying the "punishment".

"I’m almost positive this is actually a fetish and just another step in their date night system," one user wrote.

Another agreed, "Just letting everyone know: this is very likely a humiliation kink instead of an actual response to cheating. Posting online and having all of your friends and acquaintances find out would be very humiliating. Also the whole dressing in [ridiculous] outfits in public is spot on.

"It's still possible they're both crazy and just aren't breaking up, but it's more likely that it's a fetish thing."

One user even suggested that the overalls fit the man surprisingly well and could have been made for him specifically.

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