Woman defended after refusing to wear bra when her roommate’s boyfriend is over

A woman was defended for refusing to wear a bra when her roommate’s boyfriend sleeps over.

Confused as to whether who was in the wrong, the individual took to Reddit’s popular forum, Am I The A**hole, to ask strangers for their opinions. She started by detailing her typical, tasking day-to-day, which has her out of the house from seven in the morning until 10 at night.

“I go to college then library and then work then gym. I am out at 7am and back at 10pm. Usually I take a quick shower when I get home, then make a snack and just relax for an hour before bed time,” she explained. “On weekends I barely leave the apartment beside the occasional outing with friends or colleagues.”

“I don’t wear a bra at home,” the Redditor continued.

Though she and her roommate are “very close,” she said lately her roommate has been bothered by the fact that she doesn’t wear a bra in their home. Because this is a recent complaint by her, the Reddit user said she was confused by her issue with it.

“Then she explained that it was about her bf,” the original poster said of her roommate. “I laughed in her face and told her to put a bra on his eyes instead. She got very upset but I told her that I wasn’t interested in her bf. Not in the slightest.”

But while the Redditor tried to ease her roommate’s mind with this fact, it only made her more defensive, according to the post. In the post, the woman said her roommate proceeded to say that her boyfriend wasn’t interested in her either.

“So I said: ‘Then why are we arguing?’ It is only an issue if we were interested in each other, tell him next time he sees me braless, he can pretend that I am a wall,” the writer added.

However, according to the woman, in her roommate’s eyes, the issue had nothing to do with “interest.” Her boyfriend was apparently uncomfortable, and the no bra was “invasive,” according to the roommate.

The Redditor confessed: “I called her stupid because I was in my home. I wouldn’t go braless in his home and if he chose to go naked in his home, the only right I have is to get the H out of there. She called me the [a**hole].”

Readers came to the Reddit user’s defense in the comments section of her post, claiming that she should be allowed to do what she wants in her own home.

“Pretty obvious. It’s your house, it’s your level of comfort,” one individual stated.

Another added: “It’s pretty ironic that she said it’s invasive, yet he’s the one coming into your home and wanting you to change the way you live because it makes him uncomfortable.”

“You weren’t showing him anything, you’re wearing clothes just not a bra. My bra is the first thing that comes off when I get home,” a woman related.

A fourth proclaimed: “Not only is this an unreasonable request from her it’s also sending her bf a ridiculous message. Just because he’s a man it doesn’t mean he’s incapable of being in the same room as a woman whose nipples are visible through her T-shirt or whatever.”