Woman catches mother-in-law sabotaging her birth control

The decision not to have children is rarely one made without serious consideration and discussion with your partner.

But regardless of whether you choose to have children or not, the decision is yours alone – which makes the actions of this “hysterical” mother-in-law that much worse.

A woman has taken to Reddit to share an extremely distressing story of how she found out her mother-in-law had sabotaged her birth control. And it’s had massive consequences.

The woman explains that she and her husband are “adamantly childfree people”.

Even though some people in their lives have labelled them selfish, the pair, now in their late 20s, decided they didn’t want to have any children.

But when they told her mother-in-law, she “went into hysterics” worrying that the “family name would die”. And it’s what she did afterwards that has left us shocked.

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She said it all happened a few days earlier, when the mum-in-law visited to make her son dinner. She wasn’t home at first and the mum came up with an excuse to send her son to the shops to get something she ‘forgot’.

When the woman got home, her husband was still out so she went into their bedroom to change out of her work clothes when she discovered her in-law already in there.

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Photo: Getty

“What I see is what looks like MIL carefully trying to poke holes into our condoms,” she wrote.

“She snaps her head in my direction with this mortifying deer in the headlights look on her face. Like a fish out of water.

“She mumbles something about how she’s ‘trying to save the family’ and frantically runs out of the house before I even have a chance to say anything.”

Her husband is understandably “horrified'” upon hearing what had happened, but the worst shock came when they realised that this wasn’t the first time his mother had been left alone in the house. Just three weeks earlier she had been there for a visit and “used the bathroom a few times”.

The post, which was shared 10 days ago, received hundreds of comments, with some even suggesting she press charges.

“You have every right to go no contact with her,” one person wrote another. “You don’t want kids, and she was trying to make you guys have kids. That is assault at best. It’s completely abusive behaviour. It’s horrific.”

“Tampering with someone’s birth control without their knowledge or consent is the same as sexual assault of an unconscious person, in my mind,” another person added.

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Photo: Getty

To top off the whole situation she eventually shared an update a few days later to reveal that she had, in fact, fallen pregnant.

“I’m so distraught that I haven’t been able to sleep in the last four days,” she wrote.

“At this point we haven’t even spoke or contacted MIL. She’s been blowing up our phones for the last three days, but we haven’t responded.

“I’m just so lost as to what to do. I mean I never wanted to have kids sure, but at the same time having an abortion feels so wrong to me even though it’s the most ideal thing to do right now. I can’t believe I’m in this situation right now.”

The woman, who claims she filed a police report after the incident, said the mother-in-law is no longer allowed in the house and if they decide to have the baby she won’t have access to her grandchild either.

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