Woman Admits to Styling All Her Outfits with Miranda Priestly in Mind as “Devil Wears Prada ”Doll Sits Nearby (Exclusive)

Miranda Priestly is a fictional character from the 2006 movie "The Devil Wears Prada"

<p>Subtle Haus Photographer: Gabby Galloway</p> Emilia Ciezadlo with a Miranda Priestly statuette.

Subtle Haus Photographer: Gabby Galloway

Emilia Ciezadlo with a Miranda Priestly statuette.

Emilia Ciezadlo is a devoted fan of Miranda Priestly, the fictional character from the 2006 movie The Devil Wears Prada.

So last Christmas, her friends decided to indulge her passion by gifting her a miniature statue of the movie's fictional editor-in-chief (played by Meryl Streep) of fashion magazine Runway, from a boutique in Seaside, Florida.

Working in public relations and marketing, Ciezadlo was delighted by the thoughtful present, given her deep love for both the film and the world of fashion.

Though initially meant as a Christmas ornament, Ciezadlo believed that Miranda Priestly was far too fabulous to be relegated to a Christmas tree. Instead, she insisted on giving the iconic character a permanent place in her closet, where she could oversee and inspire her fashion decisions.

"I keep Miranda Priestly in my closet as a reminder that 'her opinion is the only one that matters,' " the Hawthorn Woods, Illinois, native shares exclusively with PEOPLE. "Nigel, or Stanley Tucci’s character, says so himself."

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<p>Subtle Haus Photographer: Gabby Galloway</p> Emilia Ciezadlo with a Miranda Priestly statuette.

Subtle Haus Photographer: Gabby Galloway

Emilia Ciezadlo with a Miranda Priestly statuette.

Ciezadlo confesses to moments when she's assembling an outfit and senses the doll "staring" at her over her shoulder. "It prompted me to rearrange the entire ensemble since I knew it wasn’t up to par with Miranda's standards," she adds.

"Though I don’t necessarily agree with how she treated her colleagues, I admire Priestly’s dedication to her craft. It's evident that she made significant sacrifices to earn her position, and her profound knowledge is why she is highly respected industry-wide," she continues.

"As a career-focused woman myself, I admire Priestly's work ethic and strive to explore my passions as she did," she says.

Reflecting on her first viewing of the movie, Ciezadlo recalls watching it with her mother during her early teenage years. "She sat me down and said, 'Emilia, I think it’s time you finally watch this movie. I think you’d really like it,' " she recalls.

This introduction, based on her budding passion for fashion in her preteen years, was a pivotal moment that ultimately changed her life.

"I’ve been experimenting with fashion for as long as I can remember; choosing what I’d get to wear for the next day has always been the highlight of my day," she says. "My fashion sense has come a long way, and it is ever evolving."

"My wardrobe is a mix of styles and trends I see on runways, celebrities and social media. At 22, I’m still discovering my personal style and constantly experimenting," she adds.

Recently, Ciezadlo shared a video of the Miranda Priestly doll in her room on TikTok, which unexpectedly went viral, amassing 2 million views. The video also caught the attention of major fashion brands, who left comments on the post.

"I always find it amusing when brands engage with TikToks, especially when they find a way to connect it back to their products," she says. "I was deeply honored by the comment from Saks Fifth Avenue."

"If Meryl Streep or Anne Hathaway ever came across this TikTok or interview, I believe my life would be complete," she muses.

<p>Subtle Haus Photographer: Gabby Galloway</p> Closeup of Emilia Ciezadlo's Miranda Priestly statuette.

Subtle Haus Photographer: Gabby Galloway

Closeup of Emilia Ciezadlo's Miranda Priestly statuette.

While Priestly is the only figurine in her room, Ciezadlo reveals she has a large photo of Grace Kelly from To Catch a Thief peeking out from behind a door.

"I admittedly got my Grace Kelly obsession from Gossip Girl's Blair Waldorf, as her (and now my) mantra was 'I am Grace Kelly, Grace Kelly is me.' Kelly's fashion epitomized elegance, grace and kindness, qualities I strive to embody every day, hence why her image adorns my wall as a daily reminder," she shares.

But now, inspired by seeing comments from others who had statues of iconic figures like Anna Wintour or Karl Lagerfeld, Ciezadlo is considering building a collection or even curating a Christmas tree full of icons.

"I hope people recognize that fashion is art, and each individual has a unique sense of style, which is truly special. We all inspire and are inspired by others, which is endlessly fascinating," she concludes. "I also hope it brings a smile to people's faces, or even sparks the urge for a The Devil Wears Prada rewatch."

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