Who Will Win 'American Idol' 2024? After Watching Every Episode, Here Are Our Predictions

Jack Blocker, Will Moseley, Abi Carter

There are a lot of factors that come into play in the way that America votes for who will win American Idol. Some people vote for an artist whose story touches them, some vote for the cute contestants, there’s the age factor, where young people tend to vote more often than older audience members so they vote young, and then there are those who truly vote for the next singing sensation.

This year, America did the latter. They voted on talent. All the Top 3—Abi Carter, Jack Blocker or Will Moseley—would make excellent American Idols as they are singer/songwriters who also play instruments and are immersed in music as a lifestyle, not a hobby.

Even Katy Perry, who can be a tough judge, agrees. She told a small group of reporters after the performances on Sunday night, “It’s a really good Top 3. I’m impressed. I’m excited, it’s different. That signals something interesting for Idol in general. I feel like Idol is on a steady up. It’s like the only show of its kind that continues to just crawl up, which is amazing.”

“You couldn’t call it,” Lionel Richie said of predicting a winner. “You could not call it. I defy anybody to tell me you saw that coming. When it got to the first three and then you realize we’re throwing off two—Emmy Russell and Triston Harper, you start going, ‘We are eliminating grade No. 1 talent.’”

And while Luke Bryan had expected Triston’s name to be called when host Ryan Seacrest announced the Top 3, he finds no fault with the three that made it. “I think it’s a great Top 3," he said.

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So, who will win American Idol 2024?

Abi Carter<p>Disney/Eric McCandless</p>
Abi Carter

Disney/Eric McCandless


Abi Carter is the last remaining Platinum Ticket winner for the season and, all things being equal, she should win American Idol. She has it all. She’s a fabulous singer, which she proved either in the Top 7 or Top 8 night, when she, McKenna Faith Breinholt, Julia Gagnon and Kaibrienne performed Katy’s “Wide Awake.” Abi stood out as a cut above the rest and America recognized it and voted her through.

And we’ve watched the singer/songwriter, who plays multiple instruments, grow. When Abi began her Idol journey, she sat behind the piano, she played her original songs, and she was great. And when theme nights began and she had to perform cover songs, she showed her adaptability and versatility. Then when Luke suggested she come out from behind the piano and connect with the audience more, she took the suggestion to heart, and she owned the Idol stage. She has continued to blossom the entire season, which, in my opinion, makes her the one to beat.

“Abi’s just been solid since day one,” Luke said.

And Katy added, “I always knew Abi had it in her. I’m glad she’s played it like she has.”

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Jack Blocker<p>Disney/Eric McCandless</p>
Jack Blocker

Disney/Eric McCandless


Jack Blocker had the roughest introduction to American Idol this season. He was rejected by Lionel and Katy at his audition, only Luke gave him a yes for a Golden Ticket to Hollywood. Luke was so sure that he saw something in Jack, he begged his fellow judges to change their minds. They didn’t at first, so for the first time in American Idol history, there was a crew vote. The crew voted to send Jack to Hollywood, so Lionel changed his vote, so Jack could move on.

And he has moved on and on ever since, making it to the Top 3. Even so, he is still the dark horse to win it. If he does, it will be like Katy said on Disney Night, a Cinderella story. And who doesn't love a Cinderella story?

“Here’s the joke with me and Jack,” Lionel said. “I threw him off in the early stages and they talked me into getting him back. And Will Moseley, I went through half of his audition and had to catch a flight and walked out. So, the two are now in the finals. Who knows, the business we live in.”

“Jack is just so interesting,” Luke said. “The last couple of weeks, he’s brought this stage presence and swagger and confidence that I think America really feels like this kid’s ready.”

And Katy said, “I’m actually really surprised by Jack,” but she meant it in a good way.

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Will Moseley<p>Disney/Frank Micelotta</p>
Will Moseley

Disney/Frank Micelotta


There’s no doubt that American Idol voters love to vote for country artists. Since the singing competition has been on ABC, country winners include Chayce Beckham, Noah Thompson and Laine Hardy, so Will has that going for him and it could be America’s love of country music that will take him to the top.

As Katy said, “I think Will is amazing. He did the best vocal I’ve heard tonight. There’s a lot of country fans and voters at American Idol, so I was like, ‘Well, someone country is going to probably make it.’ I’m really happy that it was Will.”

Will’s story is an interesting one. He graduated from college about a year ago in May 2023 and decided that before he tied himself to a full-time job, he was going to give himself a year to pursue music to see where it would take him. He never expected to finish in the American Idol Top 3, so win or not, it is looking good that Will, who only learned how to play a guitar four years ago, will most likely give his pursuit of a music career a little more time.

“I said a week or two ago he has not hit a bad note all year,” Luke said about Will’s making Top 3. “He picked some really, really good songs tonight.”

And everyone knows how important song selection is.


The bottom line is that any of the three could win and it and be deserving of the honor, but my prediction is it should be Abi. As stated above, she’s got it all, she's the whole package, and most importantly, enough experience to go with it.

American Idol returns for the finale on Sunday, May 19 at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on ABC when the Top 3 will take the Idol stage for their final performances and then the winner of Season 7 on ABC will be revealed.

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