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Wimpy water pressure? This luxurious 2-in-1 rainfall shower head is $28 (that's nearly 40% off) for Memorial Day

'It literally took dirt off my skin from 1985,' shared one of 34,000+ fans.

We're in the business of helping people, and we really want to spare you from dealing with weak water pressure this summer. After all, the next best thing to spending a hot day at the beach is being able to cool down with a refreshing shower once you get home. If you're ready to trade the sad trickle coming out of your faucet for a more luxurious experience, Amazon shoppers feel your frustration and say they've found an incredibly powerful solution. It's the AquaDance Premium Rainfall Shower Head, which boasts six settings to suit the whole family's pressure preferences. It even comes with a nifty handheld head. But what we're really excited about? It won't break the bank. In fact, it's nearly 40% off during the Amazon Memorial Day Sale.

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Get ready for bliss, thanks to six settings, including power mist and pulsating massage. Ahhhhhhh...

$28 at Amazon

Our price trackers tell us this is as low as it's ever been since 2017 ($28, down from $46). And given how much it'll improve your shower experience, it'll more than pay for itself. This is also one of the most-reviewed showerheads on Amazon, and this deal makes it more affordable than most of the competition.

Made of chrome and stainless steel, the AquaDance Premium Rainfall Shower Head was built to last and includes a diverter so you can turn a switch to direct water flow between the two heads. The aforementioned six settings include Power Rain, Pulsating Massage, Power Mist, Rain Massage, Rain Mist and a water-saving Pause mode — decisions, decisions! For even more power, you can use both heads together.

Not handy? No worries. You don't need a plumber to install this shower head — the process takes minutes and requires zero tools, just the included washers and plumber's tape. Plus, it'll fit onto any standard shower arm.

someone taking a shower with shower head in background
Upgrade your shower head, and you'll be smiling too. (Getty Images)

Over 34,000 Amazon customers have given the AquaDance Premium Rainfall Shower Head a perfect five-star rating.

Here's what one, um, enthusiastic shopper had to say: "This shower head is freaking amazeballs! Yes, the rain function is light pressure as it should be, but that massage function about sent me through our new tiled wall ... it literally took dirt off my skin from 1985. I totally recommend this!"

Another fan raved: "Pressure is great, very easy to install! We love this and it makes bathing our kids so much easier with the detachable shower head. It’s nice that you can use either one or both at the same time. Very easy to toggle through the different settings. You can also change the spray pattern on both shower heads, which is fantastic! Definitely will be buying another one for my other bathroom."

"[I] bought two and my bathrooms already look better," gushed a third. "These are very pretty and the different settings are an experience! The installation took about 10 minutes each."

"[The] only downside for me is that [when] using both shower heads simultaneously, it, of course, loses significant water pressure on each shower head, so it's best used individually to get the best water pressure," shared an otherwise happy buyer. "Either way, it's waaay better on water pressure than my regular apartment shower head."

"Love this shower head," wrote a final fan. "Gives great coverage and the water pressure is really good if you remove the regulator. My only complaint is that I am short (5'2) so I have to reach to turn the nozzle to switch heads and to get the handheld because they are behind the larger shower head. But oh well, it's great, so who cares about that."

For a bit more, you can opt for another finish, like bronze, nickel or this matte black. 

$30 at Amazon

While we're on the subject of bathroom improvements, why not replace your dingy old bath mat too?

Tired of standing on a soggy surface after your shower — one that still won't be dry an hour later? This one is made of diatomaceous earth, which draws moisture from your feet and wicks it away in no time. Reviewers say it looks like it dries in front of their eyes.

"I love how as soon as I step onto this stone mat, it dries my feet," shared an impressed buyer. "Then it is safe for me to walk across the bathroom floor without slipping and falling down. Step on it twice, and the bottom of my feet are completely dry. Then the stone dries and looks just like it did before I stepped on it. It's amazing."

$60 at Amazon
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$60 at Macy's

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