Why Whoopi Goldberg Shut Down During 'The View' Segment About Travis Kelce

Whoopi Goldberg, Travis Kelce

Whoopi Goldberg shared some brutal honesty during a recent segment about Travis Kelce on The View after she was caught looking a little disinterested.

The talk show took a moment to discuss Kelce "liking" a social media post from Sage Steele that included a photo of the reporter shaking Donald Trump's hand.

As all of the other hosts debated whether or not Kelce's move was significant or anything to criticize him for, Goldberg sat back and said nothing, resting her head in her hand. Eventually, her co-hosts called out Goldberg's lack of interaction, leading someone to declare, "She's bored."

After confirming that this was true, Goldberg summed up her opinion on the matter by boldly saying, "It's quite possible that none of this is important," leading the audience to clap and cheer.

"You got bills to pay. Why are you paying all that attention to what he's doing?" she added.

Some fans seemed to agree with Goldberg's nonchalant perspective, with comments on The View's YouTube channel including, "I’m with Whoopi! Who cares seriously…" in addition to "And? He can like whoever he wants."

Goldberg previously shared her dislike of the constant fixation on Kelce and his relationship with Taylor Swift, as the two have often come up in conversation on the talk show over the past few months.

When Swift first started attending Kelce's football games during the season, there was a lot of attention on her, yet Goldberg didn't understand the hype. While discussing the pop star during an October episode of The View, Goldberg asked her co-hosts, "But what about the football?"

Despite Goldberg and some people's dislike of all the talk about Swift and Kelce, others can't get enough of the couple, with their visit to Coachella, the latest update in their romance, gaining attention from fans. Swift and Kelce attended the popular music festival to catch a couple of big acts in concert and appeared to have a lot of fun dancing and vibing together.

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