Why Travis Kelce Was Forced to Stop Getting Mail Delivered to His Home

Travis Kelce #87 of the Kansas City Chiefs

Travis Kelce recently opened up about a not-so-nice personal life update.

On the latest episode of he and his brother, recently-retired Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce's, sports podcast New Heights, the Catching Kelce alum shared that unfortunately, he has been forced to stop having mail delivered to his home.

"The one thing you don't realize, that when somebody posts your house online, that everybody now has your address and people just send stuff to your house," Travis said during the episode released on Wednesday, May 1.

He continued, "So I literally stopped getting mail to my house. I had to stop. I had to literally tell the post office and everybody to, like, stop bringing stuff to my house," and further cautioned, for anyone thinking about doing something similar, "Anything sent to my house, send right back to the sender. So anybody that's just sending random s--t to my house, uh, it's not getting to me."

And this isn't the first time the NFL star's place of residence has been compromised.

Not long after the news that he was dating Taylor Swift was first made public, Travis purchased a new house in a different neighborhood due to an invasion of privacy and the accessibility of his property.

According to Jason, his younger sibling's security was becoming an issue, prompting him to up and leave his seven-bedroom digs in the Briarcliff West neighborhood of the Missouri-based city in October 2023.

The 36-year-old offered more insight into some of the downsides of his family—and specifically, his brother—being thrust even more into the spotlight on an episode ofThe Big Podcast with Shaq in February.

“[Travis] had to completely move out of his house. People were just staying by his house. I mean [for] safety reasons, [he had to move.] And the first day he moved into the new house … [in] a gated community, somebody knocks on the back window of the house,” he admitted to host Shaquille O'Neal of the three-time Super Bowl champ's living situation at the time.

Now that things seem to have gotten even more invasive, he's likely been forced to set up a more secure shipping location to receive the mail he actually needs to get.

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