Why Swifties Are Panicking About the Eras Tour After Taylor Swift's Latest Album Release

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift fans are "Down Bad" right now.

Chaos erupted among the Swiftie community on Thursday, April 25, after the "Karma" songstress seemingly hinted at a new Eras Tour set to feature her brand new album, The Tortured Poets Department.

Ever since the 31-song double album dropped last week, Swift has been sharing montage videos to YouTube Shorts to give fans a glimpse inside the making of the album. But on Thursday night, she dropped another clip to mark a "Fortnight" until she resumes the Eras Tour in Paris next month—and it looks like the music superstar might be making some major changes to the concert.

In the video, which showed Swift rehearsing for her upcoming shows, eagle-eyed fans immediately noticed some unfamiliar content, including a new guitar and a new microphone that Swift had not used yet on the Eras Tour—both happen to be white, which is known as the signature color of the TTPD album.

Plus, another shot in the clip showed Swift dancing in front of what appeared to be a railing with the TTPD logo on the front, pretty much convincing fans that some of the new songs will likely be showing up for the European leg of the tour.

And while some Swifties were enchanted to hear the news, others have already started panicking, especially those who already attended the tour before TTPD was released.

"I swear to god if she does this I'll be so upset like no," one fan wrote on X (formerly Twitter.) "We all get it or nobody."

"we are absolutely not okay," another fan posted.

Some fans have even been facing backlash for complaining about the potential changes, especially those who have already seen the show that are now being labeled as "ungrateful," according to some other Swifites.

"Hot take—we’re allowed to have fomo about missing a potentially new set list despite the fact that we already went to the eras tour. It’s not about complaining or whining about it, it’s simply that we wish we could go," one person argued on X.

Even fans with tickets to the upcoming and potentially revised shows were also distraught over the news, considering it could mean that other songs they've been waiting to see live could be cut from the previous setlist in order to make time for the new additions.

"I am not okay, I don't know how to feel about this. Like, I'm excited about it but also sad because we might lose other songs?!" another person wrote.

Fans have already started to speculate that the songs at the risk of being nixed from the show could be the performances that weren't initially featured in Swift's Eras Tour film, including "The Archer," "tis the damn season," "no body, no crime (feat. HAIM)," "cardigan" and "Wildest Dreams." 

But some optimistic Swifties are still holding out hope that the "Mastermind" songstress will add even more concert dates, extending the Eras Tour past the end of 2024, though Swift has not made any such announcement as of yet.

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