Why Sophie Monk chose to have zero guests at her secret wedding

Sophie Monk married Joshua Gross in secret at their Central Coast home with no guests last month with a new report suggesting the reason they had no loved ones in attendance.

The Daily Telegraph has claimed the pair had no guests because of a rift within the Love Island host's family.

Sophie Monk and Joshua Gross wedding
A new report has revealed the reason Sophie Monk and Joshua Gross chose to have no guests at their secret wedding last month. Photo: Instagram/Sophie Monk

Apparently, Sophie's mum Sandi, father Andrew and sister Lucy didn't attend due to tensions between them.

The fallout reportedly happened not long after Sophie met Joshua and the family has been unable to repair the relationship.


The publication reports Sandi and Andrew are on speaking terms with Sophie, however, the relationship is still strained.

Sophie and Lucy are also believed to have partially repaired their relationship, but seemingly not enough to come to the wedding.

Sophie Monk and Joshua Gross
Sophie told Stellar, "We figured, if you don’t invite one person, then no one could get upset". Photo: Instagram/Sophie Monk

Speaking with Stellar magazine about their choice to marry without friends or family by their side, Sophie said, "I’m 42, so I feel like they’re like, OK, do it your way. We figured, if you don’t invite one person, then no one could get upset."

She added, "We know everyone will be happy for us if it’s just the two of us."

Sophie shared snaps from the intimate wedding on Instagram, writing, "I HAVE A HUBBY!We eloped-ish at home. I can’t believe I met him on a plane! It’s crazy. Best flight of my life!"

The presenter continued, "I really do believe everything happens for a reason. I love you @joshuargross thanks for putting up with how messy, disorganised and lazy I am. You're my best friend in the world AND you are welcome for how hilarious my jokes are and how I absolutely smash you in Xbox F1! We’re both lucky."

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