Why Prince Harry Is Being Dragged Into Lawsuit Against Diddy as Rapper’s Homes Raided by Feds

Diddy, Prince Harry (inset)

As federal authorities raid rapper Sean "Diddy" Combs' homes in connection to an ongoing investigation, Prince Harry has surprisingly been drawn into the situation involving a lawsuit against Combs after he was briefly mentioned by name in the court documents.

Around the same time that the raids occurred, it was reported that Harry's name came up in the 73-page lawsuit filed in February by a music producer accusing Combs of sexual abuse, as reported by DailyMail.com.

The lawsuit filed in New York references the royal in a passage claiming those who were in "affiliation with, and or sponsorship of" Combs' parties that allegedly included illegal activities "gained legitimacy and access to celebrities such as famous athletes, political figures, artist, musicians, and international dignitaries like British Royal, Prince Harry."

Harry is not a defendant in the suit and is not accused of any crimes or any connection to Combs and his alleged crimes. The prince has not publicly responded to the mention.

The one known public meeting between Harry and Combs occurred in 2007 at a party hosted by the prince and his brother, Prince William, after the Concert for Diana at Wembley Stadium celebrating Princess Diana's life and marking the 10th anniversary of her death. Harry was photographed at the party meeting Diddy and Kanye West. It is unknown if Harry ever met Diddy again after this instance.

Combs has been sued by several individuals accusing the rapper of sexual assault and other abuse. Another lawsuit from singer Cassie was settled between the parties in November.

In the latest update, the feds raided two of Combs' properties in Los Angeles, California, and Miami, Florida, telling the Associated Press that it was part of an ongoing sex trafficking investigation in New York. They did not share if Combs was the target of the investigation.

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