Why Pat McAfee Is ‘So Happy’ for Travis Kelce After Taylor Swift’s Latest Album Release

Pat McAfee, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

After the release of Taylor Swift's newest album—or two, as she surprised fans with an extra bunch of songs—called The Tortured Poets Department, sports analyst Pat McAfee had a sweet message for Swift's boyfriend, Travis Kelce, after hearing the songs.

McAfee mentioned the new album on The Pat McAfee Show, talking about how much of an 'absolute workhorse' Swift was for writing a double album while touring and starting a relationship with Kelce.

He then said, "But if you listen to the songs and listen to some of the narratives, football created 'the one.' Travis, we're happy for you, buddy."

He specifically mentioned the song "So High School," referencing lyrics he felt were direct callouts to Kelce and his life—like the lines, "Touch me while your bros play Grand Theft Auto," and "Do that impression you did of your dad again." He then noted how different it felt compared to her songs written about exes.

The 36-year-old even went so far as to guess that Swift's next album will be all about Kelce and their love, as if she's saying, "I found it."

"I am so happy," he continued while going into detail about why he thinks their relationship works before adding, "These two might be perfect for each other."

McAfee also gave Kelce a shoutout on X soon after hearing the album, simply writing, "I’m so happy for @tkelce That had to be insanely dope to listen to the first time… 🗣🗣 YINZ ARE DOING GREAT."

With so many tracks in her double album, Swift made many references to pop culture and celebrities in different songs. She name-dropped Charlie Puth and Patti Smith, among others.

Meanwhile, Swifties continue to analyze the songs to figure out who might be the inspiration, especially for the love songs, with Swift's exes Joe Alwyn and Matty Healy a big part of the conversation.

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