Why Fans Think Billie Eilish Just Subtly Shaded Taylor Swift

Billie Eilish and Taylor Swift

Did Billie Eilish just subtly throw some shade at Taylor Swift? Some fans on social media seem to think so after reading the “What Was I Made For?” singer’s recent interview with Billboard, which the music magazine printed on Thursday, March 28.

Eilish, 22, recalled throughout the interview the many ways she has pushed for environmental sustainability, including through her own team’s vinyl-printing process. The two-time Oscar winner grew up in an environmentally conscious household and has continued pushing for environmentalism on tour and in the merchandise created for her albums.

When explicitly asked about the multiple vinyl variants made with recycled materials that were available for purchase for her 2021 album Happier Than Ever, the “Bad Guy” singer said it is currently “important” for working musicians to offer fans “all sorts of different vinyl and packaging” while seeking success on the charts. Even so, Eilish criticized the widespread push for high-profile artists to offer multiple versions of their albums on vinyl.

Eilish pointed out that many of the “biggest artists in the world” fall into the “wasteful” habit, with slightly different vinyl packages just unique enough to convince fans “to keep buying more.”

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“It’s so wasteful, and it’s irritating to me that we’re still at a point where you care that much about your numbers and you care that much about making money,” the “Ocean Eyes” singer said. Though she didn’t mention any one artist by name, she noted that “all your favorite artists” embrace these marketing tactics.

Some fans on social media suggested Eilish was referring to Swift, 34, during the interview. The “Cruel Summer” singer is preparing to release her 11th studio album next month. So far, several vinyl variants of the forthcoming The Tortured Poets Department—some of which feature special bonus tracks—are already available for purchase through Swift’s website.

One person on X wrote that Swifties “are going to HATE” Eilish’s comments. An X user said Eilish "clocked taylor so bad i’m crying” as another agreed, writing, “Oh Billie spill but I hope she’s ready for the swifties.”

Others pointed out that Swift isn’t the only major star in music who has promoted several different vinyl versions of their recent albums.

“Everyone clocking Taylor for this when we’ve seen artists like Ariana, Olivia, etc. doing the exact same thing now,” one person tweeted. “So let’s not point any fingers.”

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