Why Christina Applegate Turned Down an Offer From 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills'

Christina Applegate, 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' cast (inset)

While she's well-known for being a talented actress, Christina Applegate once got the opportunity to become a reality star too on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she turned it down.

The 52-year-old shared the fun fact on the newest episode of her podcast with Jamie-Lynn Sigler called MeSsy, revealing that she just wasn't interested and felt that her life was too "boring."

"I was asked to be a Housewife for Beverly Hills. They asked me to be one, probably 10 years ago, I would say," Applegate recalled, adding that she later became friends with one of the show's executive producers through their children.

Years after the show first extended the offer, Applegate asked the producer if they thought she made the right decision in declining, saying, "Chris, now that you know me, would I have been a fun Housewife?"

He definitively said no, and Applegate explained, "I wouldn’t have shown up to any dinners. I would’ve been in my sweatpants and I’d be laying in bed. What fun is that?"

"No, no. I would be the worst housewife anyway," she proclaimed, deciding to stick to acting instead. Although Applegate didn't join Real Housewives when she was asked, other actresses like Denise Richards and Lisa Rinna have been a part of the ever-changing cast over the years.

Despite not wanting to be a part of the RHOBH cast, Applegate seems to be a huge reality TV fan and earlier this month she shared a very passionate reaction to a change in the Real Housewives franchise, demanding answers, while she also tweeted about the popular reality show The Traitors recently.

In the new podcast episode, Applegate noted that she watched a lot of reality television after her MS diagnosis, claiming that it might be around "300 hours... probably more." She also raved about Below Deck and said that she even became friends with a few of the cast members like Captain Lee Rosbach through social media.

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