Movie Review: This Means War
Movie Review: This Means War

STARRING: Reese Witherspoon, Chris Pine, Tom Hardy

How does a product manager (Witherspoon as Lauren Scott) end up dating two competing CIA operatives who are also best friends? Welcome to Hollywood, where the words “romantic comedy” and “suspension of belief” are essentially the same thing.

In this rarefied world of sleek surfaces and snappy interplay, product testers and CIA operatives look like purebred movie stars and live in fancy-dancy style. Top-notch pros that they are, FDR (Pine) and Tuck (Hardy) think nothing of deploying agency resources and personnel to spy on their foxy quarry, as if the CIA doesn’t have anything better to do. For her part, sassy Lauren has traffic-stopping legs, Chelsea Handler (as Trish) for a bestie and no say about the snooping since she has been lied to down the line.

Not to come off as a killjoy, and I know it’s all in fun, but supposedly grown men stooping to such invasive depths while roundly deceiving the woman they profess to care for is a repellent premise no matter how pretty everyone is. It calls itself a comedy. I call it nudging icky.
Andiee's Rating: **

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