A 'White Collar' Reboot Is In The Works: Everything to Know

Matt Bomer in 'White Collar'

While speaking at Variety's TV Fest in June, White Collar creator Jeff Eastin said that a reboot of the series is in the works. During a panel alongside stars Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay and Tiffany Thiessen, Eastin said, "We’re gonna reboot. I’m writing the script." Bomer immediately confirmed he's on board to star.

Keep reading for everything there is to know about the White Collar reboot, including who might be in the cast and how the script will honor the Willie Garson.

Is there going to be a White Collar reboot?

If everything goes as planned, yes. At Variety's TV Fest in June, actor Tim DeKay told the audience that he's seen creator Jeff Eastin's script and that it's "fantastic."

"It answers all the questions that one would have if you watch the show and it would introduce the show to those who haven’t seen it as well," he said. "Both edges of the sword are honed."

How will the White Collar reboot address Willie Garson's death?

Garson, who played Mozzie on the series, died from pancreatic cancer in 2021. It's unclear how exactly his character's absence will be explained, but DeKay confirmed that the script "honors" Garson "in a profound way."

Tiffany Thiessen added, "With such sensitivity and such heart. I told Jeff after I finished it, I literally was so excited, but at the same time had tears in my eye—for good reason. You captured the suspense, the thrill, the characters and the love in that reboot."

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What is the White Collar reboot release date?

A release date for the reboot has not been announced.

How to watch the White Collar reboot

While nothing has been confirmed, Variety reports that the reboot will likely stream on Hulu. The show original aired on USA, but since Fox Television Studios was behind it, Disney now owns the IP.

When did White Collar originally air?

The original series aired from October 2009 until its conclusion in 2014.

How did White Collar end?

White Collar ended its six-season run with Neal (Bomer) faking his death and heading off to Paris. Peter (DeKay) believed his friend was dead until he discovered his secret storage locker and realized his partner was out there somewhere, alive.

What will happen in the White Collar reboot?

Eastin didn’t spill plot details at the Variety panel, but he confirmed that the original series ending was "always a setup."

"I always left it open," he said. But it hasn't been until recently, with the popularity of procedurals growing on streaming platforms, that a reboot seemed like a real possibility. "Say thank you to ‘Suits’ for starting this streaming trend," he said. "They were doing great, and got people watching White Collar now on Netflix. That’s doing really, really good. Off of that, it’s like, ‘Hey, let’s do another one.'"

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Who is cast in the White Collar reboot?

No casting announcements have been made, but from the sounds of it, Matt Bomer, Tim DeKay and Tiffany Thiessen would all be up for reprising their roles.

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