Which NFL players would storm Area 51? Drew Brees is out, but Stefon Diggs wants in

Did New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold contract mono from smooching, or was it because he knew too much?

Darnold was one of the NFL stars who told Yahoo Sports he wouldn’t participate in the Area 51 raid, but only because he knows aliens aren’t kept there.

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Other NFL stars — like Minnesota Vikings receiver Stefon Diggs and Indianapolis Colts tight end Eric Ebron — were on board with the idea. Diggs seemed the most excited, saying, “Oh yeah! F- - - yeah!”

Chicago Bears running back Tarik Cohen may have given the most mysterious answer. Cohen said he needs “a new alien.” When pushed on whether that means he already has an alien, Cohen smiled and remained silent.

New York Giants running back Saquon Barkley and Miami Dolphins running back Kenyan Drake were among the group that wasn’t willing to storm the facility. They had a good reason too. As Drake explained, “I cherish my life.”

New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees also had no interest in being there, but admitted he would watch a livestream.

And then there’s Darnold, who put on his tinfoil hat and said that he wouldn’t storm Area 51 because that’s not where the aliens are. Darnold proceeded to explain that aliens are actually kept in a facility just north of Area 51. We were afraid to push him much more on this subject.

The video was shot in the summer, long before Darnold got mono, which only adds to the mystery surrounding Darnold’s illness. Was this a simple case of a Jets player falling victim to being a member of the Jets, or is someone — or something — trying to keep Darnold quiet after he talked?


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