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Cheer S2 (12th)

Dust off your pom-poms and make sure to stretch, because the second season of Netty’s eye-opening docuseries about cheerleaders in Texas is here. Perfect viewing for those keen to see a real-life version of Bring it On.

Netflix's Cheer
The cheerleaders from Cheer demonstrate the best way for ladies to be able to see at gigs. Picture: Netflix

Brazen (13th)

Based on the popular novel by Nora Roberts, Brazen stars Alyssa Milano as a mystery writer who becomes embroiled in a real-life murder mystery: that of her sister! Pity she doesn’t still have magical powers from her Charmed days.

Alyssa Milano in Brazen
Alyssa Milano and the cast of Brazen stare pensively at something off screen. Probably NSW's Covid numbers tbh. Picture: Netflix

The Journalist (13th)

Intriguing looking Japanese series about a journo doggedly pursuing the truth about governmental corruption, even when it becomes dangerous to her very life. Crikey, she’d have her work cut out over here!


After Life S3 (14th)

Ricky Gervais is back with the third and final season of his latest show about love, life and death. It’s not a perfect show, mind you, but easily his best work since The Office and Extras, and brings the awkward chuckles and sooky tears in equal measure.

Archive 81 (14th)

Aussie horror legend James Wan (Saw, Malignant) brings his considerable genre chops to this spooky-looking series about a bloke who unravels a mystery involving cults and missing persons. Unmissable for genre fans, we reckon.

Archive 81
Dan Turner (Mamoudou Athie) is struggling to figure out how people watched movies and listened to music on such ancient technology. Picture: Netflix

The House (14th)

Looking for something a little different? This stop motion animated flick for (weird) adults will probably fit the bill nicely. Odd, unsettling and maybe just a little bit cute, this feels quite unique in a crowded marketplace.


That Damn Michael Che S1 (12th)

Ol’ mate Michael Che from Saturday Night Live has finally nabbed his own show filled with sketches, vignettes and general comedic shenanigans to illustrate life from his rather unique perspective. Could be fun.

Wolf Life Me
Wolf Life Me takes full advantage of the Aussie landscape to help tell its twisted tale. Picture: Stan

Wolf Life Me S1 (13th)

Isla Fisher and Josh Gad star in this Aussie co-production that tells a twisted tale of damaged people and the scars they inflict on one another. Quirky and fascinating, this looks to be a genuinely compelling watch.


Euphoria S2 (10th)

The second season of the Zendaya-starring drama about the lives of teens is here to make you feel slightly uncomfortable and very old. Seriously, this is actually a pretty decent show and super stylish. Also contains a lot of wieners, so proceed accordingly.

Shangri-La S1 (10th)

Stylish and fascinating docuseries about the life and work of producer Rick Rubin, focusing on his many musical accomplishments and how they all came about.

The Righteous Gemstones S2 (10th)

Look, a comedy about evangelical Christians already sounds pretty hilarious, yeah? But when you add John Goodman, Adam DeVine and Danny McBride to the mix you know you’re in for a good, albeit acerbic, time.

"No, I can't get you Spider-Man's autograph." Just because he's a superhero, doesn't mean Peacemaker (John Cena) has any luck with the ladies. Picture: BINGE

Peacemaker S1 (13th)

Spinning off from James Gunn’s recent The Suicide Squad sequel/reboot, Peacemaker takes the character played by John Cena in that memorably gory flick and elaborates on his story. Expect gore, gags and perhaps even a cameo or two.

Amazon Prime Video

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania (14th)

The fourth iteration of the Hotel Transylvania animated movie series - starring the voices of Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Kathryn Hahn and Steve Buscemi - is back for the (allegedly) final time with more spooky but family friendly shenanigans.

Hotel Transylvania series
Andy Samberg, Selena Gomez, Kathryn Hahn and Steve Buscemi are back for a final time in the Hotel Transylvania series. Photo: Amazon Studios

Nike’s Big Bet (14th)

Informative and compelling docuseries about the Alberto Salazar doping scandal that rocked the sporting world. But do you know the whole story?


Gabby Duran And The Unsittables S2 (12th)

Fun kids show about a babysitter who takes care of extraterrestrials, which is a feeling most parents can relate to at one time or another.

Eternals (12th)

Yeah, look, we said it was a mess and we were right. But it’s on the telly now, so have a squiz and make up your own mind if you like.

Apple TV+

Wild Things: Siegfried and Roy (12th)

Fascinating docuseries about the renowned illusionists who became the biggest act in Vegas and then were struck down by a horribly ironic tragedy. Expect plenty of eye-opening revelations in this one.


Denzel Washington in Macbeth
Denzel Washington stars in the adaptation of Macbeth: the best Shakespeare play. YEAH, THAT'S RIGHT SHAKESPEARE NERDS! WE SAID IT! Picture: Apple TV+.

The Tragedy of Macbeth (14th)

Joel Coen (one half of the Coen Brothers) directs this sumptuous but icy adaptation of Macbeth. Starring Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand, no less! Come for the superb cast, stay for the immaculate direction and get creeped out by the unsettling visuals and discordant score.

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