What’s new on Netflix, Stan, BINGE and Amazon Prime Video

Everything streaming on Netflix, Stan, BINGE and Amazon Prime Video that’s worth your time from Jan 3-9 2022.


Rebelde (5th)

This is a reboot of a Mexican telenovela, brought up to modern standards, and brimming with song, dance, attitude and a bunch of attractive looking people who, frankly, are probably a little old for high school. Looks fun, though.

Rebelde cast on Netflix
No idea what's going on here in Rebelde, but the main cast's hair game is super strong. Picture: Netflix

Four to Dinner (5th)

This sumptuous looking Italian rom-com strives to challenge the notion of “soul mates”, as various singles come together in different formations. Come for the steamy romance, stay for the delicious food.

Four to Dinner on Netflix
Come for the very beautiful Italian cast, stay for the very beautiful Italian countryside, sit down because you ate far too much of the very beautiful Italian food - Four to Dinner is a feast for the senses. Picture: Netflix

DOTA: Dragon’s Blood: Book 2 (6th)

If animations based on popular video games are your jam, like the excellent Arcane, you’re in for a treat. Netty’s adaptation of DOTA releases its second volume, featuring slick animation, convoluted storylines and no end of callbacks for hardcore fans.


Hype House (7th)

Imagine a house where some of the world’s biggest social media stars live, creating content with one another and navigating life and love. Does that sound good to you? Congratulations on being young! Everyone over 35 will probably want to avoid this like several plagues.

Mother/Android (7th)

Chloë Grace Moretz stars in this post-apocalyptic thriller about a pregnant woman and her boyfriend striving to survive in a world beset by an evil AI and various other narky machines. This time around the printer will swear at you!



The Tourist (2nd)

Jamie Dornan stars in this homegrown outback thriller about a tourist who pops down under and then loses his mind. Expect plenty of twists, turns and reveals in this absolutely engaging yarn that also features Damon Herriman and Shalom Brune-Franklin.

Jamie Dornan in The Tourist on Stan
Jamie Dornan gets lost in the outback in the Stan original production The Tourist: an exciting yarn that will keep you guessing. Picture: Stan

Upgrade (2nd)

Aussie director Leigh Whannell delivers this superb and underappreciated cyberpunk thriller shortly before he struck box office gold with The Invisible Man in 2020. Features a great performance from Logan Marshall-Green aka “no, that’s not Tom Hardy, he’s the other bloke.”

The Raid + The Raid 2 (4th)

Honestly, if you’re even mildly interested in top shelf action flicks that make John Wick look like an episode of Bluey, pop your peepers on these two superb films. Chockers with jaw-dropping fight scenes and graphic, stylish violence with some truly stunning moments.

Search Party S5 (7th)

The fifth season of the satirical black comedy is here and is sure to bring the delightful mixture of thrills and subversive chuckles that have made the show such an unlikely hit thus far. Plus Alia Shawkat is an absolute delight.

RuPaul’s Drag Race S14 (8th)

It’s finally here, Drag Race fans! The latest season of the drag sensation will send those blues sashaying away, with all the camp you can poke a stick at and more. Can we get an amen up in here?


Call the Midwife S11 (3rd)

Crikey, has this show really been going for eleven seasons? It must be doing something right, because its many fans - who drink in the period setting and heartwarming storylines - are gagging for more. So if that’s you? Enjoy!

The Cleaning Lady (5th)

A thrilling and clever thriller about a woman who infiltrates the criminal underworld to make enough money to save her sick son. However, the various ne’er-do-wells in her way tend not much like being ripped off and shenanigans ensue.

Thony De La Rosa (Élodie Yung) in The Cleaning Lady on BINGE
Thony De La Rosa (Élodie Yung) is here to mop up crime and erm... brush away the evidence in The Cleaning Lady. Picture: BINGE

Australia Day (7th)

Underrated Aussie flick by hardworking director Kriv Stenders (Red Dog, Danger Close) and starring the always welcome Bryan Brown. Well executed, thought-provoking stuff about our national identity and our social realities.

A Discovery of Witches S3 (8th)

The third season of the scrappy, engaging fantasy yarn is here with another helping of occult shenanigans. Based on the All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness, and starring Teresa Palmer and Matthew Goode, this is engaging stuff.

Amazon Prime Video

Happy Feet 1 + 2 (6th)

George Miller (the Aussie bloke who brought us the Mad Max movies!) presents these two delightful animated flicks about singing, dancing penguins. Starring the voice talents of the late, great Robin Williams, Brittany Murphy and Elijah Wood, this is solid family fun.

The Tender Bar (7th)

Director George Clooney presents this emotional coming-of-age story starring Ben Affleck, Tye Sheridan, Lily Rabe and Christopher Lloyd. Plenty of solid acting and heartfelt moments in this slight, but engaging, yarn.

The Tender Bar on Amazon Prime Video
The Tender Bar is a lot more fun to say in a Ben Affleck-style Boston accent. The Tender BAAAAA. It's a good time, give it a go. Picture: Amazon Prime Video

Arctic Drift (7th)

Fascinating documentary that follows a mammoth icebreaker ship as it moves through some of the most inhospitable environments on the planet for a scientific mission of climate investigation. Absolutely compelling stuff.

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