What’s new on Netflix, Stan, BINGE, Amazon Prime and Disney+ this week

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Everything streaming on Netflix, Stan, BINGE, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+ and Apple TV+ that’s worth your time from August 2-8.


Top Secret UFO Projects: Declassified (3rd)

Get ready for a tsunami of UFO documentaries crashing onto your telly over the coming year. This latest series is an engaging, albeit not always credible, deep dive into potential visitations from other worlds. You’ll want to believe (but might not, hey).

Pray Away (3rd)

Hard-hitting documentary about Exodus International: an American evangelical offshoot that believed homosexuals can “pray the gay away”. Naturally it didn’t work, at all, and ruined a lot of good people’s lives. An important watch, albeit not an always easy one.

Cocaine Cowboys: Kings of Miami showcases an extraordinary friendship that lead to an equally extraordinary criminal empire. Picture: Netflix
Cocaine Cowboys: Kings of Miami showcases an extraordinary friendship that lead to an equally extraordinary criminal empire. Picture: Netflix

Cocaine Cowboys: Kings of Miami (4th)

Fascinating and compulsive documentary series about two best mates and high school dropouts who end up being the biggest drug dealers in Miami. From humble beginnings to the dangerous heights of cocaine distribution, this is a wild ride!

Cooking with Paris (4th)

If you’re like us, you’re probably surprised Paris Hilton knows what a kitchen is. Regardless, Ms. Hilton has launched a cooking show, wherein she’ll try out new recipes, ingredients and “exotic kitchen appliances” with celebrity guests and, presumably, a small yappy dog.

This is what Paris Hilton wears when she's reheating last night's spag bol. See more on Cooking With Paris on Netflix. Picture: Netflix
This is what Paris Hilton wears when she's reheating last night's spag bol. See more on Cooking With Paris on Netflix. Picture: Netflix

Hit & Run (6th)

Gritty, suspenseful revenge thriller from the makers of Fauda, is sure to have viewers glued to their seats as the action unfolds. Butter that popcorn and get ready to binge this compelling treat.

Vivo (6th)

Animated musical flick that stars Lin-Manuel Miranda as a musically gifted kinkajou (aka rainforest honey bear) on a quest to get a letter to Gloria Estefan who plays a famous singer. This looks absolutely adorable.



Batman Returns (1st)

When was the last time you saw Tim Burton’s 1992 Batman sequel? Because, friends, you may have forgotten how bull goose loony this flick really is. Michelle Pfeiffer’s performance as Catwoman alone is worth the price of entry. Camp classic right here.

My Name is Ada Hegerberg (2nd)

Sports fans will definitely want to check out this documentary about Ada Hegerberg, the first female winner of the Ballon d’Or - a prestigious soccer prize. Hegerberg is trying to make soccer less male dominated and this is her story.

The L Word: Generation Q S2 (6th)

The modern continuation of The L Word hits its second season, and you can expect more of the compelling human drama, romance and love that you crave. Settle in for some more excellent, moving queer telly.

Blindspotting S1 finale (8th)

Wait, Blindspotting is over already? Dammit, we barely got a chance to appreciate this quality dramedy and it’s finished. Ah well, we could always watch it from episode one again? Yes, let’s do that.


Naked and Afraid: Alone S1 (2nd)

One man and one woman are turfed into the wilderness without anything, including clothes, to help them. Will they survive? Well, probably, but they’ll likely be cold, itchy and embarrassed. If that sounds like your jam, enjoy this strange starkers survival show.

The Hills: New Beginnings S2 finale (6th)

The Hills: New Beginnings’ second season wraps up and it’s about what you’d expect. Love, laughs, fights and D-RAMAAAA everywhere with a high likelihood of another season in the works.

Red Dog: True Blue (6th)

Did you like the Aussie family classic Red Dog? Of course you did, you’re not a monster. Well, you might also enjoy this 2016 prequel flick about the early life of Red Dog, the Pilbara Wanderer. Kriv Stenders directs this heartwarming flick with Jason Isaacs and Bryan Brown.

Amazon Prime Video

Val (6th)

Eye-opening documentary about the life of Val Kilmer, from his rise to Hollywood heartthrob to his fall into bad habits and a worse reputation. This is a frank and open examination of a fascinating and iconic individual.


Cruel Summer (6th)

Surprising and twist-filled drama set in the 1990s offers thrills and surprises in equal measure. Clever time-twisting and perspective shifts keep the central mystery feeling engaging and unpredictable and superb acting makes the characters feel authentic.

Cruel Summer on Amazon Prime Video
Cruel Summer is going to be your next crime/drama obsession, guaranteed. Picture: Amazon Prime Video


Short Circuit S2 (4th)

No, not a reboot of the 80s talking robot flick (“Johnny Five is alive!”) but rather a series of short animated films covering a variety of topics from a diverse series of artists and writers. No adorable robot, but plenty of excellent, original animation.

Hip Hop Uncovered S1 (6th)

Fascinating docu-series exploring the power brokers who operate from the “shadows of hip hop”. Fans of the genre will no doubt appreciate this deep dive into the often misunderstood world of hip hop.

Hysterical (6th)

Fantastic looking documentary about female comedians, complete with interviews with some of the best, promises to be both thoughtful and bloody hilarious. Comedy nerds will want to park their bums on the couch for this one.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt in Mr. Corman APPLE TV+
Joseph Gordon-Levitt struggles to find the right notes to play in Mr. Corman. Maybe turn on a lamp, tiger? Picture: APPLE TV+


Mr Corman (6th)

Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars as a fifth grade teacher who begins to believe that he sucks as a person. This quirky dramedy deals with an anxious man’s search for meaning and maybe the hope of doing a little bit better.

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