Wendy’s Is Giving Out Free Fries Every Week for the Rest of the Year

TGIF (thank god it's fries).



You may know TGI Fridays, but I have a new acronym for you: TGIFFF. What's with the extra "F"s? No, I'm not adding expletives (get your mind out of the gutter!). It stands for Thank God It's Free Fry Friday. That's because Wendy's is officially rebranding the best day of the week as Fry-Day by giving away free French fries for the rest of the year. Here's how to get your free fries, stat!

Wendy’s Is Giving Out Free Fries Every Friday for the Rest of the Year

As if you needed another reason to love Fridays, Wendy's is giving you a big one: a free order of fries (any size) with any purchase. Starting tomorrow, April 19, customers can get one small, medium, or large-sized fries every Friday until the end of the year.


And these aren't just any fries; they're the best fries. Yes, shocking everyone on our team and beating out McDonald's iconic fries, Wendy's took the top spot in our official fast-food French fry taste test.

Taking a page from Burger King and McDonald's, which offered free fries through the end of 2023 last year, Wendy's is jumping on the trend extra early. While Burger King's deal started in July last year, and McDonald's began in October, Wendy's deal starts in April, giving fans 37 opportunities to take advantage of the promotion. That's 37 Fridays that just got much hotter, crispier, and tastier.

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