Aussie woman, 41, flaunts rock hard abs after dropping 33kg

Kristine Tarbert
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Sonia Rakovska was on the brink of throwing in her career as a circus teacher and performer due to her weight, when she decided she was sick of “feeling embarrassed” and turned her life around.

Now the 41-year-old says she is the fittest she has ever been in her adult life, after dropping 33kg in just 12 months, thanks to a complete overhaul of her diet with Lite n’ Easy.

Tipping the scales at 95kg, Sonia, who runs a circus company on the Gold Coast, says injuries and surgeries saw her unable to continue training and start to gradually gain weight.

“I was eating the ‘wrong’ foods - lots of fast food and overeating,” she tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

Sonia tipped the scales at 95kg at her heaviest. Photo: Supplied/Sonia

Eventually, Sonia realised she was unable to perform any of the skills she was trying to teach her circus students.

“I was mainly embarrassed when teaching, as I could not demonstrate skills to my students, and performing was out of question,” she admits.

Despite this, Sonia says she ended up making a ‘snap decision’ to do something about her weight after meeting an older gentleman while walking her dog.

“At that time he just had a heart attack and was told if he didn’t lose weight, next time he wouldn’t survive,” she recalls.

Circus performer and teacher Sonia has lost 33kg. Photo: Supplied/Sonia

She went home and placed her first Lite n’ Easy order that day, and lost an incredible 16kg within the first three months of changing her diet.

Now she says her lifestyle has “massively” changed.

“I am honestly a completely different person. Not just visually, but also my confidence,” she tells us.

“I was depressed and unhappy. I just sat at home feeling sorry for myself and eating. Now I train every day, it’s become such a huge part of my routine, that if I don’t workout I don’t feel good.

Sonia says her lifestyle has 'massively' changed. Photo: Supplied/Sonia

“I once again like going out with friends, and just generally participating in life. It feels like I’m out of hiding.”

Now rocking some solid abs at a fit and healthy 62kg, Sonia is back to feeling fantastic and confident.

“I think I’m actually stronger and better than before all my injuries and before I started putting weight on,” she says. “Sounds like such a cliche, I know, but it’s 100 per cent true.”

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