Wedding invite reveals family secret

Boy meets girl. Girl is dating cousin.
What would you think if you received this wedding invitation in the mail? Picture: Facebook/Getty

A wedding invitation has caused a firestorm online after it was posted to a popular Facebook group.

At first glance, the pretty invite in shades of pink and green, with a botanical border, seems normal enough.

Bizarre phrasing

But on reading the wording, it’s soon obvious this couple is revealing something very unusual.

“Boy meets girl,” it reads. So far, so standard.

“Girl is dating cousin... boy pursues girl.” Ok, that’s just bizarre.

Wedding invite with bizarre wording dating cousin
Boy meets girl. Girl is dating cousin. Boy pursues girl... wait, whaaaaat? Picture: Facebook/Unknown

Group members were quick to note the unorthodox phrasing.

“She really just couldn’t leave the cousin part out?!?” one wrote. “Who thinks that is necessary??”

“So it's worded like she is proud of it,” another wrote. “Couldn't have just said ‘dating someone else’ (even that's a bit weird for a wedding thing) but why the hell does the world have to know?”

Several group members were appalled by the fact that a third person was mentioned on a wedding invitation.

“So....thats gonna be awkward to family members,” one person pointed out.

“Like, they are flaunting that he pursued his cousins girlfriend?”

And more than one person wanted to triple check whose cousin the bride had been dating when she met her husband-to-be.

Which cousin was it, exactly?

“Please say she was dating the groom’s cousin,” begged one. “A sh**ty move, but pretty preferable to incest.”

“Dating her own cousin?” questioned another. “That’s not clear.”

“If she was dating HIS cousin, why tf would they include that on the wedding invites?” pointed out one. “If she was dating her own cousin i just.. have no words.”

Regardless, all were in agreement that this was a major wedding no-no.

“I took it to mean that the girl was dating the boy's cousin, or at least that's what I'm hoping,” one said.

“But even that would make this invitation only marginally better.”

In the end, one question remains:

“But is the cousin invited? I have to know.

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