Wedding guest hilariously trolls bride and groom with 'narcissistic' dietary requirements

Penny Burfitt
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A wedding guest's demanding RSVP has been trolled online. Photo: Getty Images

A wedding guest has hilariously trolled a bride and groom with a bizarre and ‘narcissistic’ RSVP it can’t possibly be legit.

Shared to a wedding shaming page on Facebook, the detailed response to a wedding invite has eyebrows well and truly raised over some very specific requests - or ‘demands’ as some have labelled them.

“Please remember my gluten intolerance,” the guest wrote. “I am able to eat gluten, I just hate the sight of it. So no bread on any of the tables.”

The very specific and slightly bizarre demand wasn’t even the strangest one the guest made.

They asked that all courses arrive at the same time on seperate plates, classical music be played as it helps ‘digestion’, as well as classic positivity anthem ‘Yeah 3x’ by Usher.

The guest was hoping to tailor the couple's big day to her demands. Photo: Getty Images

“I’m going to bring an extra pair of pants (just in case) so hoping there will be a closet to store them in,” the response continues.

While we all know that too many red wines and rich food can cause some serious spillage resulting in clothing tragedies of the highest order, the second pair of pants seems a step too far.

Finally in a more relatable vein, the guest asks that they be seated close to the bar, which for anyone who has sat through bad wedding speeches will understand, is perhaps the only reasonable request included.

The unusual response has sparked a mixed reaction online with some finding the whole thing so bizarre they are arguing it can’t be real.

“This has got to be a joke,” one woman wrote.

“I really hope this is a joke,” another concurred.

Not everyone was convinced however.

“On one hand, I am getting satire vibes,” one wrote. “On the other hand, I've known these kinds of extra af, narcissistic, pretentious people.”

“I hope this is someone desperately trying to get uninvited,” one woman wrote.

Safe to say one couple has either a hilarious friend, or a vacant spot at their upcoming nuptials.

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