Debate rages online as wedding guest 'steals the spotlight' in low-cut dress

Sarah Carty
Senior Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Dressing for a wedding is no easy feat. You’ve got to worry about what colours the bridesmaids are wearing and whether or not you’ll clash with the couple’s theme.

But one wedding guest has been slammed online for wearing a very low-cut gown on the bride and groom’s big day.

A picture from the day was posted to Reddit by one user, who wrote: “When you just have to steal the spotlight”.

A woman's revealing dress at a wedding has gone viral. Photo: Reddit

The snap shows the bride and groom smiling for the camera as a woman in a blue dress stands beside them in a very revealing number.

People were quick to call her out, with one person saying it looked ‘tacky’ and another calling it ‘trashy’.

“She's purposefully putting herself in front of the bride and hanging her boobs dead center. She's not being trashy because of her boobs she got that title all on her own. Even flat chested her head is in front of the bride,” one person said.

Another person agreed, saying one of her bridesmaids was also a ‘blessed lady’ and none of her photos turned out like this.

“The only time she actively stole the show was the bouquet toss. Nobody was coming between her and those flowers,” the woman said.

One person said she actually knows most of the people in the photo and the bride actually approved the dress but the woman is just standing at an awkward angle.

People were divided on what they thought of the woman's outfit. Photo: Getty Images

Others were furious at the commenters shaming the woman and asked why it was such a big deal that she was showing her assets.

“Surprise surprise women with big t**s aren’t always thinking ‘wow leaning like this will make my boobs look great!’ we just exist,” one person said. “She didn’t choose her dress, she didn’t choose her breast size. kinda sick of women being called hoes or trashy just for their bodies.”

Another person agreed saying: “I actually don’t think this is bad, everyone is dressed really casual and she is the only one wearing something half decent! if anything the guy in the hoodie should have put a little more effort in.”

“Yeah she's just wearing the dress the bride picked for her. This isn't trashy or tacky in any way. It's just how her body is,” a commenter said.

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