What makes AFL legend Wayne Carey cry behind closed doors - and the secret dish he ate before every game

Ash Pollard

Former AFL hardman Wayne Carey has admitted he is a big softie at heart - and, contrary to his bruising image on the footy field, often cries behind closed doors.

Wayne spoke exclusively to Be ambassador Ash Pollard, while they were cooking up a storm, about how he cried during the My Kitchen Rules grand finale and when Harrison Craig won The Voice.

“I've gotta say it's nice to see you getting emotional in the kitchen,” Ash said to Wayne.

“I’m really glad because I'm sure a lot of people out there think you’re a bit of a stiff!"

RECIPE: Wayne Carey's pre-game pasta dish: penne Amatriciana
VIDEO: Ash Pollard cooks penne Amatriciana with footy legend Wayne Carey

Wayne Carey admits he often sheds a tear behind closed doors

"I actually am an emotional person," Wayne said. "Onions make me cry, but also a bit of chilli. I have very sensitive eyes!"

During their chat Ash taught Wayne how to cook penne Amatriciana, the dish he ate before every one of his 272 AFL games. He has also eaten it hundreds more times in restaurants around Melbourne - but has never attempted to cook it himself.

Wayne Carey during his AFL playing days. Source: Getty

Wayne also revealed to Ash why people call him ‘Duck’.

“It’s because I used to waddle when I ran on the field. Everyone calls me Duck, the only time I get called Wayne is when I’m in trouble,” he said.

Cheers! Ash Pollard and Wayne Carey tuck into the final dish.
RECIPE: How to make Wayne Carey's favourite dish: penne Amatriciana

Watch the video clip above and see how the dish came together.

Credit: Kitchenware supplied by Lorraine Lea.

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