Watch Ryan Gosling's Action-Packed Entrance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”: 'I Can't Stop Stunting!'

Ryan Gosling fake-battled his way through eight stunt performers while making his way to the 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' set

Ryan Gosling made an explosive entrance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Gosling, 43, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's late night talk show Wednesday, May 1 to promote his new movie The Fall Guy. The actor entered Kimmel's set by way of demonstrating a series of stunts and action sequences with the film's stunt team.

Gosling emerged from his dressing room with a coffee mug in hand and was immediately met by a stunt performer wearing a jacket with The Fall Guy's title on it. The stunt performer whiffed at Gosling with a baseball bat, so Gosling batted him over the head with the mug and threw another performer against a wall before greeting comedian Jeff Ross, who also appeared on Wednesday's episode.

Ross, 58, handed Gosling a lamp, which he then threw at a third stunt performer, before fake-fighting four more performers and jokingly receiving some makeup in the midst of the action sequence. 

"Can I get some powder? How do I look? Do I look cool?" he joked during the segment. 

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<p>Eric Laciste/Universal Pictures </p> Ryan Gosling in 2024's 'The Fall Guy'

Eric Laciste/Universal Pictures

Ryan Gosling in 2024's 'The Fall Guy'

Before Gosling eventually arrived at his seat on Kimmel's set, he and Kimmel's sidekick Guillermo teamed up to beat up one more stunt performer.

"You beat up a lot of our staff, you really beat a lot of people up on the way in," Kimmel joked once the actor took his seat.

"I can't stop stunting, Jimmy! Oh my God," Gosling said. "I couldn't stop Ken-ing and now I can't stop stunting. It makes you feel alive." 

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Gosling and his The Fall Guy costar Emily Blunt have been promoting the new movie by highlighting the important roles stunt performers play in Hollywood productions; in the new movie, based on the 1980s television series of the same name, Gosling plays Colt Seavers, a stunt performer tasked with solving a mystery on a blockbuster movie's set.

"Look, stunt people are the unsung heroes. They risk more than anyone on a film set. They literally take the hits for us," Gosling told reporters at The Fall Guy's premiere in Los Angeles on Tuesday, April 30.

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<p>Jon Kopaloff/Getty</p> Ryan Gosling in Hollywood on April 30, 2024

Jon Kopaloff/Getty

Ryan Gosling in Hollywood on April 30, 2024

Gosling pulled off another stunt at the movie's red carpet premiere when stuntmen Ben Jenkin and Logan Holladay were pulled back by a wire through the facade bearing the film's title. In recent days, Gosling has also appeared at a Universal Studios Hollywood WaterWorld stunt show to promote the film; the production even gave Holladay a Guinness World Record for most cannon rolls in a car for a feat he performed for the film.

The Fall Guy is in theaters May 3.

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